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Tilt Raised Around $30M At A $400M Valuation In Its Most Recent Funding Round

TechCrunch is hearing from multiple sources that Tilt has raised around $30 million in its most-recent funding round as it pushes to expand internationally. “We weren’t in fundraising mode —

Kleiner Trial Is A Front Row Seat To A VC Firm In Flux

"Didn’t you tell Ms. Pao at the time that one of the reasons you chose Randy Komisar to be a board partner was that Randy ‘needed a win’?" asked Alan Exelrod, the lead counsel for the plaintiff

KPCB’s Chi-Hua Chien: The Next Wave Of Tech Disruption Will Hit Commerce

Technology has helped to level the playing field across a wide range of industries, letting more individuals come to the table in fields such as publishing, entertainment and, of course, building web

Keen On… How Mobile Will Make Us Smarter, More Efficient & Healthier (TCTV)

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Keen On… We Are Not In A Bubble (TCTV)

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Three Companies Chi-Hua Chien Of Kleiner Perkins Would Love To Invest In

<a href="">Today at Aol West Headquarters</a>, a number of entrepreneurs, VCs, and executives gathered to discuss the s