Corporate food catering startup Chewse raises $19 million

Chewse, a food catering and company culture startup, just announced a $19 million fundraising round as it gears up to expand its operations in the Silicon Valley area. This brings Chewse’s total

Now profitable, Chewse raises $7 million and heads (back) to Los Angeles

Chewse is an example of a company that has flown under the radar while building a sustainable business, and finally believes it's ready to take its service into other markets. To do so, the company ha

Chewse’s Tracy Lawrence on Raising Your First Round As A Female Founder

Right before Tracy Lawrence went into fundraising mode for her catering startup Chewse last year, she cut off her hair. She didn’t know it at the time, but later upon reflection, she thought it

Chewse Raises Additional Funding To Expand Its Easy Catering Service

There's no shortage of lunch delivery options in San Francisco these days, but there's always room for another one. While most of the options out there are focused on serving individual consumers, Che

Chewse’s One-Click Catering Grows Recurring Revenue By 10X In Six Months

While the combined GrubHub-Seamless entity just filed for an IPO last week, there are a bunch of next-generation food and catering startups that are aiming to fix meal delivery. Chewse is focusing on

500 Startups-Backed Food Delivery Startup Chewse Raises $1 Million From Chris Sacca And Others

There are all sorts of startups looking to make life easier, including a whole bunch trying to make ordering lunch a no-brainer. Chewse is the newest entrant into the food delivery game, as it seeks t