Chevy cuts 4G LTE data price in half

In the past two years, more than 2 million Chevrolet cars with 4G LTE data connections have been sold, and, according to GM, those connections have chewed through 3 million gigabytes of data. Now eac

Chevrolet’s First CarPlay-Enabled Cars Are Rolling Off The Production Line

Chevy announced earlier this year it would be bringing Apple’s CarPlay to production vehicles this year, and now those first cars with the infotainment feature from Apple are rolling off the lin

Chevrolet To Offer CarPlay And Android Auto In 14 Models Starting This Summer

It's about time. Chevy is going to start offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across its vehicle line. The rollout will start in a few weeks and eventually hit 14 Chevy models. Apple and Google

At SXSW, Meerkat Beats McDonald’s At Cutting Through The Noise

If there's any one thing that stands out at SXSW this year, it's that it's getting harder for even mainstream corporations to rise above the marketing din. What was once called "spring break for geeks

The Chevy Mi-ray Concept Is A Hybrid Roadster Done Right

Mi-ray is Korean for ‘future.’ Does that mean the Mi-ray concept is going into production? Probably not, but clearly shows Chevy still has it in them to design cutting edge concepts that push forw

The Chevy Orlando Play-Doh Edition Hits London Streets

Londoners, did you wake up to the sweet aroma of Play-Doh this morning? That’s the Chevy Orlando MPV. Or rather, that smell is from the 1.5 tons of Play-Doh making up a 1:1 scale model of Chevy&

GM's Voltec Charging Station Costs May Total ~$2000

<img src="" />While the Volt will charge overnight on a normal outlet, those with less predictable schedules may understandably want

Chevy Volt 240V Home Charging Kit: $490 (That's Without Installation Taken Into Account)

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Chevrolet</a> has just announced the price for the <a HREF="http://

Corvette To Employ A Hybrid Powertrain In Next Generation? (Hopefully)

<img src="">There is nothing more American than the Corvette

Volt & Google to help you remember where you parked

Feeling a bit forgetful? Worried that you’re not going to be able to find your way back to your car? Worry no longer, there’s now an Android app for that. All you need is an Android phone,

First pre-production Volt rolls off the line

<img src="" />Things are looking good for the <a href="">Volt</a>. C

The EPA could give the Chevy Volt a 230 MPG rating

<img src="">You know that strange viral marketing campaign popping up around the Interwebs as of late? Well, we kno

(Chevy) Autobots, roll out!

<img src="" alt="" />Revealed today at the Chicago auto show is Chevy’s full lineup of vehicles in the upcoming sequel to last year

Your car is efficient, but what about its sound system?

<img src="" />As we enter this new, slightly different age of "efficiency as performance" (sounds weird, doesn't it?), I predict we'll be

What happens to the Chevy Volt, other electric cars if Detroit isn't bailed out?

Let’s say that Congress refuses to give some of that bailout money to Detroit—does that effectively kill off electric cars like the Chevy Volt? That depends on who you’re talking to.

Test Drive: Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Chevy Volt (we think)

Test Drive is a new series that we’re starting at CrunchGear wherein we get a hands-on look at new or interesting modes of transportation. It’s not limited to just cars, either. We’ll take a loo

Chevy officially unveils the Volt

There it is, folks. Isn’t she a beautiful? We’ve known for some time what the exterior of the Volt looks like but not much has been seen of the interior. The chaps at Autoblog compare it t

Ladies and gentlemen, the Chevy Volt production model

I promised myself that the next car I bought would be a real electric production car. Is this my next car? More importantly, can I afford it? Likely not, but that’s not the issue here. Pictures

At least 34,776 Eco-fiends want the Chevy Volt

If a list compiled by a Chevy Volt enthusiast is accurate, GM is going to sell a eco-friendly boat load of Chevy Volts . Lyle Dennis, a New York neurologist with way to much time, gathered the 34,776

Video: Another dancing transforming car, from Chevy

Remember the awesome transforming and dancing Citroen video from a few months back? Yah, it was very cool, but Chevy’s making fun of it with the above video. It’s cheeky, but cleaver. Well
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