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  • EPA neither confirms nor denies the Chevy Volt's claimed 230 MPG

    I, and many of you, had a bunch of questions when GM announced that under the new EPA guidelines, the Chevy Volt will earn 230 MPG in urban driving conditions. After all the EPA hasn’t tested the Chevy Volt yet and GM was just going off the new criteria. Urban drivers could very well get 230 MPG if they only drive 40 miles a day, but once they go over that and the on-board 1.4 L… Read More

  • Japan wants hybrid vehicles to make more noise
    Remember that episode of The Office when Andy uses his Prius as a stealth ramming device and lodges Dwight into some bushes? Japan, the land of everything mystical and wonderful, must have seen that episode too and has some issues with the quiet demeanor of hybrids. They are the best… Read More

  • The first Mini E is now cruising around LA

    One lucky Californian dude is cruising in style after he took delivery of the very first production electric Mini. The Mini-E is available for lease on a very limited basis reminiscent of the GM EV-1 from the ’90s. Except this time around, the plug-in electric car will only be in customers hands for one short year instead of three. Presumably, the 500 cars will be sent back to Mini… Read More

  • Video: Bob Lutz defends the Volt’s pride on Letterman

    Quick background story: The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, and David Letterman bashed the Chevy Volt on a previous show. Letterman thought the Volt’s maximum range was 40 miles; it’s not. So GM’s resident bulldog and VP of Product Development, Bob Lutz, went on the show yesterday to set Dave straight. He also revealed that GM’s target price is now $40, 000 minus the $7,500… Read More

  • Test Drive: Chevy Volt test mule

    GM has declared that the Chevrolet Volt is the company’s future, and we can see why after spending a good amount of time behind the wheel of an early test mule. The experience met every expectation we had about the extended-range electric vehicle. It was electric-quick, had instant torque, and was strikingly quiet. The test mule shows great promise that the Volt will be everything… Read More

  • We're driving a Chevy Volt test mule, what do you wanna know?

    General Motors is finally letting us drive a Chevy Volt test mule on Monday, May 18 after weeks of emails. There is a lot that we would like to know about the electric sedan and it’s revolutionary power plant, but how about you? Leave some questions in the comments after the jump and we’ll do our best to get them answered. Read More

  • Video: Chevy Volt mule test drive

    Ah, the Chevy Volt. Will it ever make it to market and/or will it save GM? That’s a another post entirely. Anyway, founder got behind the wheel of a Chevy Volt prototype and seemed impressed. This mule drive was a battery-only demo and didn’t show off the engine generator switchover, which is what many of us onlookers are curious about. That point and how a $40,000… Read More

  • Opel Ampera completely revealed early

    God bless the Internet. The Opel Ampera was suppose to make a Geneva Motor Show debut but the Volt’s cousin has been completed exposed early. Judging by the pics too, it seems that American car buyers are getting the short end too cause this Opel, well, she’s a looker. More pics after the jump. Read More

  • The Chevy Volt's European cousin, the Opel Ampera, gets kind of revealed

     You have to use your imagination a bit, but that is what the Opel Ampera is going to look like. Read More

  • More proof Transformers 2 will be a huge GM ad spot

    The original Transformers movie was obnoxiously filled with shiny General Motor’s rides and it seems that theme will continue in the sequel. The latest GM wunderkind, the Chevy Volt, was apparently forced onto the writers at the latest minute ‘ccording to a web chat with the film’s head writer. Who knows how much GM is padding the producers pockets but at least we get to… Read More

  • A plug-in hybrid is now for sale in China, Chevy Volt what?

    GM, and millions of jobs, might be counting on the Chevy Volt to save the company, but a Chinese car company is a couple steps ahead of Generous Motors. The BYD F3DM is now for sale at a cost of $21,900 USD…in China. It features a plug-in Li-ion battery pack along with a 1.0 liter aluminum engine. Exact details aren’t available but it seems that this knock-off might have the $40k… Read More

  • What happens to the Chevy Volt, other electric cars if Detroit isn't bailed out?

    Let’s say that Congress refuses to give some of that bailout money to Detroit—does that effectively kill off electric cars like the Chevy Volt? That depends on who you’re talking to. Read More

  • Test Drive: Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Chevy Volt (we think)

    Test Drive is a new series that we’re starting at CrunchGear wherein we get a hands-on look at new or interesting modes of transportation. It’s not limited to just cars, either. We’ll take a look at just about anything from scooters to rockets and everything in between. Last night in Manhattan at Terminal 5 we were privy to an intimate gathering to check out Chevy’s… Read More

  • Bailout package contains tax credits for Chevy Volt buyers

    The Chevy Volt, Detroit’s answer to the Toyota Prius, just became a lot more advantageous, tax-wise. That is, of course, provided you can afford the $40,000 price in the first place. Tucked in that bailout package that Congress passed last week is a $4,000 tax credit for cars that have a 4 kWh (or greater) battery. Right now, the only car that meets that is the Volt. Such tax credits top… Read More

  • Stephen Colbert on the Volt: "Will it get me laid?" GM: "I think so" This is a great clip. I’ll let the guys do the talking, but although I’m sure GM’s point man Bob Lutz is in full spin mode here, it’s fun that he’s playing the game. Its off-the-line performance is “adequate,” a term well-known by carmakers as meaning “god-awful,”… Read More

  • Want an EV car? Build one yourself.

    You don’t need a $40,000 Chevy Volt to be part of the green crowd. Just convert your current vehicle from gasoline to electric. It might cost you more than the car is worth, but you won’t be sending your bucks overseas.  CNN is showcasing two fellas that did just that. One with a Honda Civic del Sol and the other with a Chevy S-10. Both are now electric and both were converted… Read More

  • GM to release ‘Volt’ electric car in September?

    Reuters is reporting that General Motors may be unveiling a “showroom-ready model” of its electric car, the Volt, in September. It was previously thought that the Volt wouldn’t be released until 2010, but “a deepening slump in sales” has apparently pushed GM to get the Volt on the market ahead of schedule. September’s a good time for GM to unveil the new… Read More

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