Meet Cherry, an AI shopping assistant that helps you discover products using screenshots or images

A new app from a startup called Cherry is aiming to transform the online shopping experience with its AI assistant that allows users to discover products across the internet using just a screenshot or

Keychron’s first Alice-style mechanical keyboard was worth the wait

About a year ago, Keychron launched its Q-series of custom mechanical keyboards that now spans the gamut from small 60% boards to full-size options, with everything in between. Whatever your preferenc

This mechanical keyboard is something else

The market for mechanical keyboards has boomed in recent years and the pandemic only added fuel to it as people looked to improve their home setups (and spend their stimulus checks). Today, you can fi

Cherry goes downmarket with its new Viola mechanical keyboard switches

Cherry has long been the de facto standard for mechanical keyboard switches. Since mechanical keyboards are, almost by default, significantly more expensive than membrane or dome-switch keyboards, tha

Cherry lets startup employees choose their own office perks

Forget the office ping pong table,¬†Cherry, a startup in Y Combinator’s latest batch, wants to let employees take company perks into their own hands. Cherry co-founders (and sisters) Gillian and

Cherry’s new low-profile switches may help bring mechanical keyboards to more laptops

You may not think much about the switches that sit underneath the keycaps of your keyboard, but there are many enthusiasts who really, really care. The trend is clearly going toward slim keyboards --

The Das Keyboard Prime 13 brings the gaming keyboard to the board room

I have, as you might imagine, deep and abiding opinions on keyboards. I’m not a gamer per se – I do enjoy the odd bout of Lemmings now and again – but I type a lot. So I always look

Not every service needs to be an on-demand service

Cherry Is Shutting Down Its On-Demand Car Wash Service, Will Refund Pre-Paid Customers

<a target="_blank" href="">Cherry</a>, a startup that has been <a href="

After Taking Flak For Sketchy Promotion, Carwash Startup Cherry Changes Wording And Cancels Trial Memberships

Some people <em>really</em> don't like a recent promotion from <a target="_blank" href="">Cherry</a>, the startup that brings car washes to its users. In a series of tweets which

Cherry, The Uber For Carwashes, Launches In San Diego

Getting your car washed can be a huge pain in the city* -- there's routinely long lines and it takes forever. But for people who value the time it takes to get a car wash more than the cost, San Franc

Shasta Ventures, Founders Fund Put $4.5 Million In The Uber For Carwashes, Cherry

<a href="">Cherry</a>, a recently launched startup that brings on-demand car washes to you and your car, has raised $4.5 million in new funding from Shasta Ventures, Founders Fund, S

Max Levchin, Keith Rabois And David Sacks Back The Uber For Carwashes, Cherry

Getting a carwash is one of those tasks that I avoid until I absolutely need to get it done. Frankly, it's not high up on the list of things I want to do when I have spare time on the weekend. Enter <

Pioneer's "Cherry" and "Leather Belt" Earphones

<img src="" /> I don't know what it is about Japan and earphones, but this country does offer <a href="

Call without a SIM card with Cherry

<img src="" width="214" height="92" />The chances of me being genuinely amazed at something I see a Belgian tech company achieve

Meet Cherry, the unified Wi-Fi / GSM network operator that introduces automatic handover

<img src="" width="214" height="92" />The chances of me being genuinely amazed at something I see a Belgian tech company achieve

Cherry, The Mobile Operator That Doesn't Care Whether You're On Wi-Fi Or Not

<img src="" width="214" height="92" />The chances of me being genuinely amazed at something I see a Belgian tech company achieve a