• Chemical Patent Searches? There’s an API for that!

    Chemical Patent Searches? There’s an API for that!

    When I think of APIs, I tend to think of mostly end-user data being passed back and forth between consumer websites and various client apps. Automated uploading to Flickr, for example, or consuming Twitter data in some way. I don’t think of chemical patent searches. SureChem just announced an API for just that function, though, which goes to show that automation and ubiquitous computing… Read More

  • Awesome: Chemistry set roundup

    MAKE has added Chemistry to their set of gift guides, and that’s just awesome. I know I had a ton of fun with my chemistry set when I was a kid, mainly checking the toxicity of various things and then trying to make the most poisonous concoction possible. If you’re interested in doing some sweet experiments with your scientifically-minded kid, look no further. You a may also want… Read More

  • New battery technology lasts up to 7 times as longer than traditional batteries

    Once upon a time, I was at some press conference somewhere dealing with laptops and someone in the audience asked why battery technology hasn’t improved. The exec on stage replied something to the effect of, “Batteries aren’t our industry, they’re a chemistry problem.” So your laptop’s awful battery life can be blamed on chemistry. Until now! Read More