• Chelsea-Barça shows the need for video replay in UEFA competitions

    I’ve purposely held this story for a few days in order to let inflamed passions simmer down. As many of you (I hope) are aware, FC Barcelona beat Chelsea FC last week in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals; Barça now goes on to face Manchester United FC in the final in Rome. What concerns us here at CrunchGear is the use of technology in the game of European football… Read More

  • Chelsea FC manager Luis Felipe ‘No Plan B’ Scolari to star in EA soccer game

    Ha! The worst coach in the English Premier League, Chelsea’s Luis Felipe Scolari, has signed a deal with Electronic Arts to be in a Nintendo DS game. No idea when it’s coming out, but EA shouldn’t have a hard time getting Big Phil to its studios. It’s obvious that he’s not busy coming up a Plan B for any of his team’s games. Read More

  • Chelsea owner Roman Abromovich buys 100 acres of land on the moon

    Some strange science news for you now. You know how you can “buy” stars, even though such purchases aren’t recognized by any legitimate scientific organization? Well, Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abromovich—he’s a tremendously wealthy Russian, for those of who don’t know who he is—just did one better. He bought [Spanish] his girlfriend 100 acres… Read More

  • Fashion Designer: Style Icon DS Announced

    Just signed the lease to that new apartment in Chelsea and need a way to celebrate? Come November when you move in, you can pick up a copy of Fashion Designer: Style Icon for the Nintendo DS to help you decorate. Since you love interior decorating so much, you can use your Nintendo DS to arrange furniture, try out different color rugs, and even see how low you want to cut your blinds. Read More