PayPal Rolls Out One-Touch Mobile Checkout For Apps

Mobile commerce today is still challenging with complicated checkout flows that see users bouncing between screens, and having to tap out their personal information on tiny screens and keyboards. PayP

YC-Backed Two Tap Wants To Fix Mobile Checkouts

Shopping cart abandonment is a massive problem on mobile, and the Y Combinator-backed Two Tap aims to improve this for merchants and affiliate sites. It's no secret that mobile checkouts are broken

MoonClerk Allows Non-Programmers To Use Stripe For One-Time Or Recurring Payments

If there is any downside to <a target="_blank" href="">Stripe</a>, the payments startup that makes it simple to accept payments online without having to first set up a merchant acco

Dashlane Speeds Up The Web With Instant Logins, Automatic Checkout And More

The stealthy consumer Internet startup <a href="">Dashlane</a>, which had <a href="