Activision investigating password-stealing malware targeting game players

Video game giant Activision is investigating a hacking campaign that’s targeting players with the goal of stealing their credentials, TechCrunch has learned. At this point, the hackers’ specific g

Apex Legends hacker said he hacked tournament games ‘for fun’

On Sunday, the world of video games was shaken by a hacking and cheating scandal. During a competitive esports tournament of Apex Legends, a free-to-play shooter video game played by hundreds of thous

Russian game developer bans and doxes 6,700 cheaters

Cheaters are an annoying part of almost every online video game. And banning them has become an important routine for game developers and publishers to keep their users happy. The publisher of Escape

Cheats for GTA IV leaked

We’re still working on getting some face time with the game before launch, but CVG already has 16 cheat codes posted. That was quick.

Comcast doesn't want you to read this post

[photopress:COMCASTfail.jpg,full,center] Yesterday, we got a note from our contact form from a reader about how Comcast was screwing his grandpa out of watching the Superbowl. Sic throughout: I could