• The $65 Creation Tech netbook. You know it's going to be great!

    I’m not sure how useful this will be, but it sounds interesting. Chinese manufacturer Creation Tech is selling a 7 inch ultra mobile PC for $65. The specs aren’t very impressive, but for that kind of money what do you expect? Read More

  • Even more cheap Android tablet computers

    Today seems to be the day of cheap Android tablets, and while I doubt we’ll ever see any of these in the U.S. they are worth mentioning. These particular tablets are produced in China by HiVision, a company not exactly known around the world. That could change however, because these little (7-inch) tablets look to be selling for around $100 each. Read More

  • New color printer cuts printing costs, costs $20,000

    Cheap color printing has long been the holy grail of grade-schoolers everywhere*. As you well know, Dad or Mom usually has a copier at work. This copier, at least in my day, was used to make multiple copies of hand-drawn comic books. These comic books are then sold at school for five or ten cents each. If those grade-schoolers parents had had a color copier, however, the entire situation… Read More

  • Genius announces bargain noise cancelling headphones

    Genius announced today that they are releasing a new, reasonably priced, noise cancelling headphone. The GHP-04NC (say that three times fast) launched today, and promises to cancel out background noise using a “superposition principle”. Priced at just $49.99, if they work as advertised they would be ideal for the person flying coach. Read More

  • Tech bargains may be going the way of jobs, housing, food

    The NPD Group is reporting that consumer electronics sales will fall .6% while prices of gadgets to go up in reaction to the Great Depression II. Read More

  • Yashica Japan introduces 9.1-megapixel camera for $100

    Legendary Japanese camera maker made a comeback (at least in Nippon) last month, only to present two rather dull digital cameras. The EZF924 [JP], however, can at least impress with its price tag: The 9.1-megapixel camera just costs $100. Other specs include: 2.4-inch TFT display, ISO range from 100 to 800, 43mm/F3.25 lens, 8x digital zoom, 16MB of internal memory, support of SD/SDHC cards (up… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Vudu rolls out 99 cent rental service

    Vudu, our favorite digital content download service, is now offering extended rentals of SD movies for 99 cents within seven days of the initial viewing. HD movies can be extended for $1.99. But that’s not the best part. There’s a new channel dubbed “99 for 99” that offers 99 recent “blockbusters” for, you guessed it, 99 cents. Steven Horn VUDU’s… Read More

  • When does inexpensive mean cheap? ‘Sport In-Ear MP3 Player’

    A British shoppe is now hawking what it calls the “Sport In-Ear MP3 Player,” a do-as-you-like 1GB MP3 player you wear around your head. With styling straight out of 1997, the player does all sorts of unexpected things, like supporting, in addition to MP3, WMA and WAV. Its little battery charges over USB. No Mac support, it looks like, but who needs that! So it’s a little on… Read More

  • Merry Xmas: Sub-$100 Blu-ray drives for PCs in your stockings

    This is rather cool. Sony and HP’s joint Blu-ray operation has said that by the holiday season this year Blu-ray drives for desktops should be under $100. This is an important step to getting universal Blu-ray adoption, something we all want. These are readers only; they’d be able to burn standard DVDs and CDs. Similar drives for laptops should be about 50% higher, or $150… Read More

  • Har har, cheap GPS

    Here’s a little early morning funny from XKCD for you kids. Why? Because we love you. Read More

  • These foldable cardboard $15 speakers are worth every dollar

    I fully doubt these speakers sound like anything other than ass, but they will only set you back a tenner if you look and they fold up to fit in your laptop bag — can you really say no to that? They’re made of recycled materials, which implies that they too are recyclable. These are the perfect speakers for taking to the beach or a picnic with that eco-conscious friend of… Read More

  • CES 2008: Name brands add features to battle cheaper HDTVs

    AP image It’s Day Two of the Consumer Electronics Show—time to start analyzing, looking for trends, seeing what’s hot and what’s not. Right now, we’ll focus on HDTVs. In case you hadn’t noticed, unknown companies from Asia (mostly China) are moving in on the HDTV space, which must frighten the… Read More

  • Gen-X Console: NES + Genesis = Retro-awesome

    How come I don’t find things like this before Xmas? This is the Gen-X Dual station, likely the weirdest console I’ve ever met. It’s an NES and a Sega Genesis combined into one, but the thing is it doesn’t use ROMs; it uses the old cartridges you’ve got in that box in the back of your closet. Yes, this is real. Gen-X Dual station plays Sega Genesis and NES… Read More

  • Amazon's 'Customers Vote' back for the holidays

    Wow, it IS the most wonderful time of the year. In my self-centered quest for survival over the past however-many months, I completely forgot about’s Customers Vote thing. Products will be revealed this Thursday, the 15th. I can’t wait. Remember last year when you could buy an Xbox 360 for $100? Madness. Wonderful, beautiful madness. Hold on to these moments… Read More

  • Pharos announces two economical GPS devices

    Pharos has just announced two entry-level GPS models for the low, low price of $199 and $299. The Drive GPS 250 features a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, SiRFStar III GPS receiver and it has a light sensor that triggers ‘night view’ after dark. The Drive GPS 150 has a smaller screen that measures in at 3.94-inches and uses the same receiver. Both devices use NAVTEQ and will last… Read More

  • Everex plans to offer cheap Linux/Google notebooks too

    Remember two days ago? That was when taskmaster John Biggs told us about the $200 Everex PC. Well today it’s been announced that Everex “will bring Linux laptops under $300 to users next year.” Read More

  • Leaked BIS plan for Sprint is super cheap

    If this doesn’t make Sprint the best CDMA network in the nation then I’m not sure what will other than the fantastic new phones they have coming. Pretty sure $30 is cheap for a BIS plan that includes unlimted BIS e-mail, IM, Web, Data and text messaging on top of the Sprint services. Yeah, it doesn’t include tethering, but that’s only an extra $15, which is still… Read More

  • Envision HD 720p 32-inch LCD-TV: Awful cheap or cheaply awful?

    Envision makes fairly good TVs for not much money. This 32-inch model is about $500 online right now and it has a built-in digital tuner and two HDMI in ports. You can also use it as a video monitor at 1366 x 768 pixels at 60Hz. Your best bet is to pick this up as a second TV in the house as it supports 1080i in but doesn’t display 1080i. One wag posted an online review noting that… Read More

  • Refurbished iPhones Hit Apple Store

    Why? Because wtf wants to see another picture of the iPhone? I don’t. Mac Chick Of The Month. It was only a matter of time before refurbished iPhones were going to hit the Apple Store and now they have. Both the 4GB and 8GB models are 100 bucks cheaper, but are they worth purchasing? I suppose they are if you’re a cheapskate bargain shopper. The 4GB is rather tempting for only… Read More

  • The $50 Paint Job For Your Vehicle

    Hard to believe $50 did this You’ll find that after a 1993 Honda Civic hits your car door, you may require a new paint job. Too bad that a really good paint job costs way more than you want to spend. You could go to Maaco on the cheap, but that’s still way out of your league. You my friend, need a $50 paint job. Armed with a bunch of Rustoleum-brand spraypaint and some brushes… Read More