Charter Communications

Charter says it doesn’t want to merge with Sprint

Charter Communications says it has “no interest” in merging with Sprint, after the Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint had proposed a deal. The proposed merger would have combined Sprint and

Sprint could sell pieces to Comcast and Charter before attempting T-Mobile merger

T-Mobile and Sprint have been in merger talks for a long while now, but the latter may be attempting to jockey for position by allying itself with Charter and Comcast. Sprint would likely be selling a

Time Warner-Charter merger given go-ahead by Federal Communications Commission

The proposed merger of Time Warner and Charter Communications is set for approval by government regulators, who want the combined company to follow restrictions designed to prevent it from stifling th

Comcast And Time Warner Cable To Divest 3.9 Million Subscribers Through Charter Deal

Comcast announced today it's reached a deal to divest 3.9 million cable subscribers through a series of transactions with Charter Communications that it hopes will improve the chances of getting appro

Charter Offers $61.3 Billion In Cash And Stock To Acquire Time Warner Cable

If you were worried about the consolidation of ISPs, telcos, and media companies, this should make you uncomfortable: Charter Communications has bid a massive $61.3 billion for Time Warner Cable. Acc

Project Canoe: Cable Companies Paddle to Catch Up To Google in Targeted TV Ads

Whenever cable companies feel threatened, they form a joint venture. The latest is called Project Canoe, an effort by all six major cable companies in the U.S. to deliver targeted TV ads to viewers th