• StockTwits Debuts A Brand New

    Last year, the Twitter-focused stock and trading network StockTwits acquired, a stock-chart service that was designed specifically for StockTwits. It’s sort of like a Twitpic for stock charts (you can Tweet about a stock with a link to a chart on But for the most part, StockTwits co- founder Howard Lindzon retained existing’s look and feel for users. Read More

  • Meet The Latest Twitter App Incubator: 140Labs (And The "I'm Big On Twitter" Project)

    StockTwits and WallStrip founder Howard Lindzon is at it again, 140 characters at a time. After buying out, thus attracting its lead developer Adarsh Pallian to his latest venture(s), he has now also acquired the latter’s other Twitter-related project Tweetizen, we’ve learned today. Furthermore, it seems like Lindzon is also spinning off a Twitter-only incubator / fund… Read More

  • StockTwits Takes Over To Enrich Trading Chatter On Twitter

    Now businesses that are being built on top of Twitter are starting to consume others that were in fact features of those very businesses to begin with. Case in point: StockTwits has just acquired, which is a tremendously logical deal. is a stock-chart service designed specifically for StockTwits (which is dedicated to talking about stocks on Twitter). Think of it as a… Read More

  • The Evolution Of Twitter Spin-Offs: Twitter Begat StockTwits Begat

    It was only a matter of time before an app was was built to support another app that was built for Twitter. is a stock charting app to be used directly in conjunction with another Twitter app, StockTwits. lets Twitter users upload and share stock charts via Twitter and StockTwits. It’s kind of like TwitPic for stock charts. lets you upload a chart of a… Read More