Charlie launches a mobile app that ‘gamifies’ getting out of debt

Charlie, a personal finance app that began as a chatbot, is relaunching today with a revamped experience focused on the larger goal of helping everyday Americans get out of debt. To do so, Charlie pre

Designer Builds Cute Little 3D-Printed Robots, You Know For Kids

Meet Charlie and Billy, the most adorable little robots in all the land. Billy, the first iteration, is a combination of 3D-printed parts, an Arduino Leonardo, and dual DC motors to form a hexapod rob

France Will Shine Again

For the last week, I’ve been away from France, covering <a href="">CES</a> in Las Vegas. When I woke up on Wednesday morning and looked at my phone, my lo

Charlie Briefs You On Your Upcoming Meetings By Emailing You One-Pagers On Attendees

A new web application called Charlie has raised a seed round of $1.75 million led by Lightbank Capital. The product emails you short, automatically generated one-pagers detailing what you need to know