• Gaypon Is The Gay Groupon

    Gaypon Is The Gay Groupon

    A new daily deals site catering to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LBGT) and allied communities has just launched, and it’s called Gaypon. The site provides its subscribers with daily offers from local and regional businesses  – but only those businesses known to be gay-friendly. In addition, Gaypon says a portion of its proceeds will be donated to local and national… Read More

  • Brand-To-Fan Connector, Crowdtap, Hits $1 Million Revenue With 115,000 Members

    A New York City startup that helps brands connect with and reward their fans via Facebook, Crowdtap, recently crossed the $1 million revenue mark for 2011, with 115,000 active members and about 50 major brand clients, chief executive officer Brandon Evans reported today. Crowdtap members earn redeemable points for taking “brand actions” like: completing “quick hit”… Read More

  • Humble Indie Bundle breaks $1,000,000!

    You probably remember the Humble Indie Bundle we posted a few days back when it was just starting out. Little did we know how huge it was destined to be! A million dollars raised for the developers, the EFF, and Child’s Play ($321,295 went to the charities). And now that it has hit a million, the source code for several of the games has been released! They’ve extended the deal by… Read More

  • 11-year-old writes iPhone app, donates proceeds to charity

    So we always hear about how hard it is to get an iPhone app approved by Apple, but here’s an interesting case; an 11-year old boy managed to not just write an app, but get it approved, and now he’s donating some of the proceeds from the sale of that app to a children’s hospital. This kid didn’t just teach himself how to program, but he also managed to get the app… Read More

  • Dell and Goodwill add more free computer recycling drop off sites

    Ever tried to get rid of an old, sack o’ crap computer? It’s not as easy as it sounds. You can’t just throw it in the garbage (legally), charitable organizations have finally realized that it takes more time and effort than it’s worth to refurbish a 486 DX2/66 machine that nobody’s going to use anyway, and dumping the computer at your municipal recycling center… Read More

  • Donate your used gadgets to to help us raise money for Child's Play

    Here’s a quick update on this year’s Wiimbledon, folks. If you’re unable to make the event in Brooklyn on June 27th and you still want to help CrunchGear raise money for Child’s Play then donate your used gadgets to Gazelle. We’ve set up a “Gazelle for Goods” page and we’re hoping to raise $2500 for Penny Arcade’s charity, Child’s Play. Read More

  • Wiimbledon 2009 set for June 27 at Barcade in Brooklyn, help us raise money for sick kids

    Were visits to the doctor ever a pleasant experience as a kid? Of course not! Even regular checkups were a hassle and a nightmare, but those lollipops and model airplanes were totally worth it in the end. But my experiences differed greatly from the kids who were stuck in hospitals with life threatening illnesses and the like. It sucks being sick and stuck in a hospital with nothing to look… Read More

  • MSI announces strategic partnership, donates one PC

    MSI, no strangers to charity, are keeping up their philanthropic efforts. This time they’ve donated one whole PC to Green Spaces, a co-working facility in New York for green-minded entrepreneurs. Way to go, MSI! Read More

  • Hamilton Khaki Conservation watch is tasteful and eco-friendly

    Here’s another one for you watch geeks out there, Hamilton has produced a pretty sharp looking GMT, the Khaki Conservation. Designed with help from Harrison Ford, the Khaki was created to benefit Conservation International, and in fact the proceeds from each sale will be donated. Read More

  • Now for something completely DIFFA

    Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA), a major supporter of education and direct care for people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, recently held a fundraiser. You can bet when people in the design industry get together to do something, it’s probably going to be pretty cool. Read More

  • Salvation Army outfitting certain Dallas-area donation buckets with credit card machines

    I certainly don’t have anything against giving to charity, but the Salvation Army knows damn well what it’s doing. First, they position a red bucket about a foot outside the grocery store by my house — so close that you have to deliberately walk around it like an A-hole to get in or out of the store — and second, there’s a different person ringing the bell each day… Read More