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Tesla launches a web-based version of its in-car trip planning tool

Curious about what it’s like to plan a long road trip as an electric vehicle owner? Tesla thinks you just might be, so now it’s launching a web-based version of its trip planning tool, whi

BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen team up on high-power charging network

BMW Group, Daimler, Ford Motor Company, and the Volkswagen Group (with subsidiaries Audi and Porsche) will join up to create a high-power charging network for electric vehicles called “Ionity,&#

Romeo Power unveils its first consumer power packs

Romeo Power has just released what looks to be the mobile charging device of my dreams. Its wand-shaped "Saber," using the company's proprietary power management technology, is a compact little charge

Amazon patents a drone that delivers a charge to power up EVs on the go

A recent Amazon patent could be an answer to range anxiety, albeit one that sounds a bit more sci-fi than practical solution at the moment: the newly granted patent (via Roadshow) describes a drone th

Used BMW i batteries store solar power at home

BMW i joins Tesla and Mercedes-Benz in bringing energy storage home with its new system, which has yet to be given a catchy name. The system uses new or used batteries from the BMW i3 electric car to

Gogoro’s Compact New Electric Scooter Charging Stations Can Be Installed Inside Homes And Stores

Electric vehicles may be the future of transportation, but they can travel only as far as there are places to charge them. Often called the “Tesla of scooters,” Taiwanese startup Gogoro is know

Recargo App Helps Electric Vehicle Drivers Find And Review Charging Stations

<img src="" class="shot1"></img> Another app to help electric vehicle (EV) drivers find a place to power up? Yep. This one, <a hr

NY, NJ Parking Lots Sign Up to Charge Electric Vehicles

<img src="" alt="" title="Car Charging Group, Inc. logo 2" class="alignright size-full wp-image-200207" /> <a href="http://www.carchargi

All these chargers are driving me crazy

One of the drawbacks of technology is with each new piece of gear, you get a new charger. After awhile you find every outlet in your house is filled with chargers and adapters. I don’t know about yo

Four pack Wiimote charging station on its way

Invite your friends over for some quality casual gaming with no worries about your Wiimote losing its charge. The Wii is a shared adventure, all the ads tell us so. As such, it seems even the peripher

The young, the aged to use Samsung charging stations

Two ladies lookin’ to get their charge on. Samsung is pleased to announce the addition of charging stations in the LaGuardia and Orlando Airports and what better way to show off their huge, peni