Anker introduces some clever new travel chargers

As someone who travels a lot and writes about tech for a living, I’m perpetually on the lookout for things that can ease electronic burden. Anker’s been a go-to for the past several years, for cle

Anker’s new GaNPrime charger lineup is cranking out up to 150 W of power

Keeping your devices juiced on the go is a perennial challenge for the road warriors among us. Today, Anker is revealing a lineup of chargers that is promising to keep even the most power-hungry sated

PWRboard promises to charge all your creator gadgets all at once

As a longtime photographer/videographer/audio nerd, charging all the devices at home is often a chaotic nightmare, and if you’re taking your equipment on the road, it gets worse. It doesn’

Electric car charge-station payment systems may lack basic security measures

Just a PSA: If you charge your car regularly at a public charge station, you might want to keep an eye out for fraudulent charges on whatever card you use to pay for it. Researchers have found that so

AeroVironment: official charger of the Chevy Bolt

The 2017 Chevy Bolt is coming to California and Oregon before the end of 2016, and along with it comes its very own official charger from AeroVironment. The company’s EVSE-RS charger has been av

Mophie’s charging case is a no-brainer for wireless earbud owners

Being synonymous with a particular product category is a mixed blessing. Mophie is undoubtedly the best-known name in the battery case business, but the company has been keen to distance itself from

This leather wallet has a built-in battery to charge your iPhone

If you have an iPhone other than the 6 Plus or 6S Plus, chances are that you run out of battery pretty frequently. In a world where background updates, location tracking, and 24/7 bluetooth constantl

Charger Not Included: U.K. Carrier O2 To Sell HTC Phone With USB Cable But No Plug

Peer into the drawers of the average gadget addict and you're sure to find a tangled mess of unused chargers gathering dust. Mobile phones are a prime offender in creating redundant gadget junk, with

Air Voltage: Maxell Japan Announces Wireless Charger For iPad 2

<a href="">Hitachi Maxell</a>, in cooperation with <a href="">Murata</a>, has <a href="">announced</a> [

BG-BL01: Panasonic's Portable Solar Light Doubles As A USB Charger

<img src="" /> We will see more of these devices coming in the next few years, I am sure: Panasonic today <a href="http://panasoni

This USB Pot Charges Your Cell Phone By Excess Heat

<img src="" /> Charging your phone the usual way is too boring for you? Then consider the Hatsuden-Nabe, manufactured by a Japane

Video: Hitachi Maxell's Wireless iPhone 4 Charger

<img src="" /> Not sure what to think of this, but here we go: Hitachi Maxell has developed a wireless charging solution

Video: Ben Heck Dazzles & Creates Mobile Phone Charger Powered By Kinetic Energy

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Ben Heck</a>, the engineering whiz who makes genuinely useful stu

Murata Develops Wireless iPad Charger

<img src="" /> Japanese electronics company <a href="">Murata</a> has developed a wireless charg

LovePlus: Konami's Dating Sim Gets Otaku Cell Phone Chargers

<img src="" /> In September last year, Konami Japan released a dating simulation called <a href="

Sanyo's Outs New Mobile Chargers For Your Portable Gadgets

<img src="" /> Do you own an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Sony Xperia, a Nintendo DS, or other mobile devices? Do you need a power sourc

New quick charger for electric cars is really quick

<img src="" /> One of the biggest hurdles on the road to make <a href="

AT&T announces zero draw anti-vampire charger

<img src="">AT&T's ZERO draw charger will turn itself off when it isn't actively charging. That is

Review: Case-mate Hug Wireless Charging Pad and Case for iPhone 3G/3GS

Short Version: A bit of a twist on traditional induction chargers, Case-mate’s “Hug Wireless Charging Pad and Case” attempts to offset its $100 price tag by adhering to the Wireless Power Consor

Scosche solBAT II solar powered charger actually decently priced at $30

<img src="" alt="" />I’ll be damned. A solar charger with a 1500mAh capacity battery and 5-volt output from a relatively well known man
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