QuickerTek announces external battery/charger for MacBook

Like the MacBook Pro external battery/charger that was announced last month, QuickerTek has rolled out the same kit for the MacBook. It still costs an egregious amount of money at $450 and you still h

10 Days of CrunchGear: Your cables in a twist

This is how we do it down CrunchGear way: we charge via USB, yall. With this new Mobile Device Charger from Proporta, we’re all totally down whatever kids are down with these days. Tired of gett

Charged batteries are like bacon, you can never have enough

Notebook computers are starting to outnumber desktops in many schools and work settings. Keeping these laptops charged and ready to go can be a real challenge for a lot of IT people. The problem is mo

Sanyo adds new Eneloop batteries to its lineup

Today Sanyo announced that from September 12, they will be offering C and D-sized rechargeable eneloop batteries. However, the lineup of AA and AAA-sized batteries will be expanded in Japan first. San

DIY iPhone charger

So it seems that two of the pins in most USB chargers aren’t compatible with the iPhone because they are missing D+ and D- pins and because Apple engineers hate us all. This little project descr

Solar-powered Air, just add money

I guess these guys figure that if you’re willing to shell out a few grand for a computer less powerful than a MacBook, they might just be spendy enough to drop another G on a solar panel to keep

Give your Nintendo DS a new home

If you have a Nintendo DS and are always losing the tiny charger, then this large charging dock is just what you need. With this 17 dollar bad boy sitting on your desk, you will never have a reason to

The first hands-on with the WildCharge adapter

iPhoneBuzz grabbed an exclusive look at the new wireless charging. The technology is still in its early stages and actually quite kludgy but to be able to drop my gadgets on my bedside table and have

Power strip with USB ports = Belkin knows the way to my heart

If ever there were a tiny gadget that could take my breath away, it’s the Mini Surge protector with USB from Belkin. And I thought my Monster Outlet to Go was awesome. This has two USB ports (just f

Nyko upgrades its handy PS3 controller charger

One of the problems I’ve had with the PS3 is the sort of last-generation feel of the controller connection when you have to charge it up. A USB mini port? That’s so old-school! It works al

Energizer Gets With The Program, Releases iPod Charger

Having to buy batteries stinks, but at least Energizer is starting to cater to gadget-lovers. After a positive response with its cellphone chargers, Energizer has released the Energi To Go Portable Po

WildCharger Charges Wirelessly

WildCharge has finally gotten its act together and the first wireless charging station, the RAZR, will be released this month. It’s a fairly strange design, but I guess the ‘wireless’ charging a

iSnug My iPod, Do You?

If you’re looking for a decent bundle of accessories for that brand new iPod you just picked up, iSnug may be just what you’re looking for. Made by HandStands, this kit comes with an FM tr

Scotty Pro Solar Power Charger

If you’re the kind of guy who likes a camping trip every once in awhile, you’re probably content with leaving your iPod at home for a few days. But not me. If I have to go camping, I&#8217

Solar Power in Her Purse

Being that I’m a geek, I think of gadgets when it’s time to find a gift for my sweetie. Unfortunately, gadgets are generally geared towards guys, some exceptions being cell phones and the

Philips 5-in-1 Portable Video Game Charger

I suppose some of us out there have our streams crossed and are as equally addicted to Brain Age as Liberty City Stories. Unfortunately, traveling with multiple portable game systems means traveling w

Charge Your iPod with a AA Battery (If It's an Emergency)

What’s notable about the iTurbo iPod charger isn’t that it quickly charges your iPod with one AA battery, or that it looks like a stocking stuffer for a raver. What’s notable is that

Nyko's Charge Station for Xbox 360

, Nyko’s still going ahead and shipping two of its own battery chargers for Xbox 360 controllers. The first is the Power Kit 360, which is their $14.99 version of the Play and Charge Kit from Mi

Gomadic Mobile Dual Charger For Phones and iPods

Need to charge both your iPod and your phone at the same time? How about both your phone and your wife’s phone? Save the fight for another time by grabbing one of these Gomadic Dual Rapid Car Ch

Speck Mobile Tune FM Transmitter and Charger for iPods

Here’s an iPod accessory that was designed to blend into the decor of your car. The Mobile Tune FM Transmitter and Charger plugs into the cigarette lighter, sticking into your car’s interi