• GridIron Live: A Rich, 3D Football Game On Facebook Platform

    It’s fall, and that means it’s football season. And while Madden has long been the dominant force in Football video games, he’s getting some new competition this year that’s looking to tap into the same market that has made fantasy football and coaching sims incredibly popular. One of these games, which we covered last week, is called Quick Hit. And today sees the… Read More

  • The Crunchie: It's Not Just An Award, It's A Weapon

    When we commissioned the statuettes for the Crunchies Awards last year, we hoped to create something a little more memorable than the typical plastic tombstone. We opted for a plastic monkey holding a bone aloft instead. While it does have a certain menacing quality to it, we never expected anyone to turn it into weapon. But now you can find “The Crunchie” in the online game Duels. Read More

  • Challenge Games Raises Another $10 Million. Well Played, Sir.

    Browser-based fantasy game startup Challenge Games has raised a $10 million B round just a couple months after raising its $4.5 million A round. Globespan led the round. Sequoia Capital, which led the last round, also participated (Sequoia partner Roelof Botha is on the board). Challenge is behind the online role-playing games Duels and Baseball Boss. Both are addictive, and are designed… Read More

  • Sequoia Capital Gets Serious About Fantasy

    Challenge Games, the maker of fantasy fighting game Duels and fantasy baseball game Baseball Boss, has raised a $4.5 million first round of funding from Sequoia Capital. Sequoia’s Roelof Botha has also joined the Challenge Games board of directors. Duels, where users create fantasy characters and fight other players asynchronously, first launched last year and scaled so quickly it… Read More

  • Baseball Boss: If You Don't Love Baseball Yet, You Will Now

    First off, if you love Baseball, skip this post for a minute and go claim one of the 1,000 beta accounts we have for Baseball Boss – click “register” on the top left and use the code “techcrunch” to get in. Then come back here and see why you’ll be glad you did. Baseball Boss is the second game title from Texas-based Challenge Games, which launched… Read More

  • One Million Deaths Per Day On

    There are a fair number of our readers who admit to being addicts of, a World of Warcraft-like game that lets users create characters, add weapons and spells, and duel each other. It’s asynchronous, meaning one player can fight another without both having to be online. And in the few months since it launched, the site has grown to the point that nearly a million duels per day… Read More

  • Ready To Kill Some Time (And Some Enemies)? Try

    Duels is a new online role playing game that I’ve wasted most of the evening on. It’s both a social network and role playing game – create a World of Warcraft type character, buy him or her armor, weapons, etc., and then challenge other players to duels. Win and you get experience, gold and other stuff. Lose and you get nothing. Founder Andrew Busey (previously the co-founder… Read More