GridIron Live: A Rich, 3D Football Game On Facebook Platform

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="36" /></a>It's fall, and that means it's football

The Crunchie: It's Not Just An Award, It's A Weapon

<img src="" /> When we commissioned the statuettes for the Crunchies Awards last year, we hoped to create something a little more memora

Challenge Games Raises Another $10 Million. Well Played, Sir.

<img src="" /> Browser-based fantasy game startup <a href="">Challenge Games </a> has raised a $10 m

Sequoia Capital Gets Serious About Fantasy

Challenge Games, the maker of fantasy fighting game Duels and fantasy baseball game Baseball Boss, has raised a $4.5 million first round of funding from Sequoia Capital. Sequoia’s Roelof Botha h

Baseball Boss: If You Don't Love Baseball Yet, You Will Now

First off, if you love Baseball, skip this post for a minute and go claim one of the 1,000 beta accounts we have for Baseball Boss – click “register” on the top left and use the code

One Million Deaths Per Day On

There are a fair number of our readers who admit to being addicts of, a World of Warcraft-like game that lets users create characters, add weapons and spells, and duel each other. It’s

Ready To Kill Some Time (And Some Enemies)? Try

Duels is a new online role playing game that I’ve wasted most of the evening on. It’s both a social network and role playing game – create a World of Warcraft type character, buy him