• ChaCha Gets Some Love (and Cobranding) From AT&T

    ChaCha, a free search service that lets you call or text in a question and get an answer in minutes via a return text message, got a confidence boost yesterday. AT&T announced a “strategic relationship” with the company that, to start, gives callers a cobranded greeting from both AT&T and ChaCha. To use the service, call or text a query to 1-800 2ChaCha… Read More

  • ChaCha And Aardvark: Putting Humans To Work To Get You The Answers You Need

    Two startups, ChaCha and Mechanical Zoo, are taking different approaches to tap human intelligence, and human labor, and get you quick answers to your questions. Despite attempts to evolve search into something more human friendly, there’s still a big hole there. As useful as Google is, it doesn’t answer questions very well, and it isn’t good at making highly subjective… Read More

  • The Mystery Of The ChaCha Eiffel Tower Fail Pic

    I’ve aimed a lot of criticism at human powered search engine ChaCha over the last couple of years. The service lets users ask questions, just like a normal search engine. But instead of a computer spitting out answers (see Google, etc.), real human beings answer instead. The ChaCha service was absurd in its original web version, which has since been discontinued. The mobile version… Read More

  • No ChaChing For ChaCha Guides

    ChaCha used to be a ridiculous human powered web based search engine that’s best use appeared to be for killing time when bored. They raised a boatload of money from Jeff Bezos and others and eventually switched to an all-mobile interface. They also began offering their platform to third party marketers. But now there are indications that the company is having cash flow issues, even after… Read More

  • ChaCha Cuts Pay Rate In Half, Prepares For Implosion

    We’ve never been big fans of ChaCha, the human powered search engine that pairs you up with a “guide” who attempts to answer your questions in real time. The search model was obviously unscalable from the outset, but ChaCha’s botched implementation hasn’t helped much. When it first launched, ChaCha allowed users to initiate full on chat sessions with their… Read More

  • Miss Tormenting ChaCha Operators? Let Me Introduce You To Stumpedia

    Stumpedia, a “human powered search engine” we’ve not covered before has added live search results ChaCha style. This is how they spin it:, the social search engine that relies on human participation to index, organize, and review the world wide web is launching another human-powered search feature similar to the guided search model that was recently ditched… Read More

  • ChaCha Ditches Guided Search Model. I Love To Hate This Startup

    Well it only took ChaCha fourteen months to figure out what everyone except ChaCha (and these guys) knew when it launched – search with a human guide as a business idea is ridiculously stupid. The idea is that you do a search on ChaCha and a real person works with you via a chat interface to give you results. In theory those results would be better than Google. In reality, they… Read More

  • Hey ChaCha, I Don't Like SMS Spam

    Twelve days ago ChaCha, a controversial search engine that uses humans to answer search queries, rolled out a mobile version of the service. Ask it anything via text message, and they’ll send you an answer in a few minutes. I tried the service once to test it, and haven’t used it since. But today I received a text message from them saying “Ever wish you could actually… Read More

  • ChaCha Launches Mobile Interface. They Still Suck.

    I was surprised this evening to receive an email from the ChaCha communications team about a new feature they’ve just launched. I say surprised because we have not been kind to the service in our three posts on them so far. In the most recent post, I called them “a bad idea, poorly executed.” The new feature is a mobile interface to the search engine – try it… Read More

  • ChaCha: A Bad Idea Poorly Executed, Raises $10 Million

    It is rare to find a company offering such a game-changing disruptive equation, even in the context of giants like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. These are the words of Morton Meyerson, the man who just led ChaCha’s $10 million Series B round of financing. What is ChaCha? It’s a new search engine that lets users ask questions to a real person, called a search guide, via a chat interface. Read More

  • ChaCha: 90% Pranksters

    I’ve been hard on ChaCha, the new search engine that pairs users with a human guide to help them find better results (see this TechCrunch Forum thread as well). I was supposed to meet with the CEO of the company earlier this week but missed the appointment due to the flu. I really want to get their side of the story and present a balanced view of the startup. But for now, I just… Read More

  • A Place For Lonely Searchers

    Lonely? Want someone to talk to? Go to ChaCha, a new search engine, and talk to a guide real time about your search. As long as you remain somewhat on topic, I’ve found that the guide will talk to you as long as you like. There are two ways to search on ChaCha. They have a more traditional search engine that has good but not deep results. But the cool service is guide driven, via an… Read More