Now You See Me 2 director talks stage magic and CGI

How do you bring stage magic to life with contemporary movie technology? That’s what I asked Now You See Me 2 director Jon M. Chu — after all, you could use CGI to make any trick work on-scree

Major Security Bug In Aptean’s Customer Response System Puts User Data At Risk

A bug discovered by security researchers Eric Taylor and Blake Welsh can change a standard customer feedback system called Aptean SupportSoft into a method for hackers to grab passwords, credit card i

Houston, We Have A Fake: Human BirdWings Guy Is An Animator [Updated]

Well, the evidence is mounting, and it looks like I may have let my eagerness for the possibility of self-propelled flight (of the Wii-sensored flapping variety) get in the way of reality. Yesterday,

Olympics: Fireworks faked during opening ceremony

This isn’t soooo bad, I suppose, but apparently about 55 seconds of the opening ceremony for the Olympics this year was rendered as computer-generated imagery, or CGI as we like to call it 95% of th