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LG + Cirque de Soleil = Quidam

This has to be the strangest partnership I’ve ever read about. LG is so enamored by Cirque de Soleil that they’ve named the newest XCanvas model after those high-flying Canadians. The Quid

Sharp AQUOS 3-in-1 Goes Old School

Sharp’s latest edition to the AQUOS line of products brings back some old school that might not have a place in the home anymore, but some people still live in the past. The DC-ACV52 is a 3-in-1 med

LG Looks to One Up iPhone, Then The World

You don’t mess with SK when it comes to cell phones. We, I can claim that, know what we’re doing, so just step aside and let us handle our business. The density of cell phone designs in SK would m

Sony to Release ATRAC-, Bloatware-free Walkman

What’s more surprising? That Sony is releasing a drag-and-drop Walkman, the B100, that doesn’t use a music loading app and won’t support ATRAC or that there’s a site dedicated

LG Develops Black Magic DMB Phone

Those crazy mobile manufacturers from SK have done it again. LG has announced that they’ve been developing a handset that will appeal to users’ senses of hearing, sight and touch through T-DMB. So

Buffalo Drops VoIP Speakerphone

Buffalo’s latest VoIP speakerphone appeals to both business folks and your average chum. The BSKP-CU202/SV (could it get any longer?) has built in echo- and noise-canceling circuitry that should put

Samsung Launches Symbian OS Smartphone

Samsung announced a new Symbian OS smartphone, the SGH-i400, today at the S60 summit in Madrid, Spain. Whoa, wait a minute. A smartphone that’s both slim and stylish? No way! The i400 is exactly tha

Breaking News: Japanese Scientists Set Internet Speed Record

A group of Japanese researchers in the Internet2 consortium have set a new record for sending data over the Internet getting it up to a rate of 9.08Gbps with the help of tweaked-out protocols. PRON fa

Another Day, Another Smokin' Samsung Mobile We Desire

TV is available on just about every consumer electronic item you can buy in Korea. Almost every car you see on the road has GPS with TV, I know, because I’d watch the news in my Uncle’s ca

Wireless USB Finally Drops…In Japan

OK, so the Y-E-Data YD-300 WUSB hub isn’t fully Wi-Fi hence the WUSB tag, which stands for Ultra-Wideband Wireless Hub. In any case the four-port USB hub will “wirelessly” transfer t

Samsung Develops Hi-Res LCD That Automatically Adjusts Brightness

With Samsung and LG churning out “world’s first” almost everyday, it’s no surprise SK owns the world market in mobile phones and bleeding-edge technology that makes others drool. Samsung,

New LG Shine Models Get T-DMB

LG continues its South Korean dominance with the addition of two new Shine models that both support the T-DMB multimedia broadcasting standard. The clamshell Shine is the one I told you about earlier

HTW (who?) Announces Solar-Powered Mobile Phone

Here’s a little something for the solar power proponents in the CG audience. Chinese electronics manufacturer HTW announced the S116 Solar Mobile phone at CeBIT and it seems pretty promising. Unfort

Samsung, STMicroelectronics and Metalink Unveil Wireless HD IPTV Set-Top Box

Some exciting news has come out of CeBIT this morning from Samsung, STMicoelectronics and Metalink. They’ve collaborated on a set-top box that they are hoping will revolutionize the way you watch TV

Pantech Maglev Floats And Amazes…I Think

Amidst the recent and much needed surge of mobile phones shedding weight. Pantech hopes to stand out with their newest phone that employs magnetic levitation. Maglev, as it’s called, basically allow

Break Your Kid's Gaming Addiction

If there is any one single country that understands addiction to the internet it’s South Korea. Every visit to SK ends up with me watching my cousin play WoW for a few hours in the PC방. We’l

NTT DoCoMo Releases 3G Big Brother Mobile

Watch out Japan, your healthy unhealthy addiction to porn is being curbed by NTT DoCoMo’s 3G FOMA F903iBSC(wtf) “business-use” mobile phone. The mobile is being launched in response to i

BenQ Q-fi EF71: Pretty In Pink

BenQ-Siemens is releasing a special edition pink Q-fi EF71. If you’re unfamiliar with Q-fi, it’s BenQ-Siemens line of music-focused devices. The EF71 clamshell has a 2.2-inch display, 2-megapixel

Thanko Vonia Makes You Look Toolish

Thanko’s Vonia headband has really good intentions, but, seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me. The iPod Shuffle is no bigger than a book of matches, apparently, that’s too big for some people.

Blue Screen Of Death In Your Car Part Deux

The IOPS in car PC from SNT Korea will be making its debut at CeBIT in a few days. Windows XP will be running the show via touchscreen and the GPS will keep you from driving onto train tracks unless o
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