• New LED lightbulb will last 17 years

    CFL bulbs are great, but the mercury they use can be harmful. LEDs don’t use mercury, but the technology is still pretty rough, and it’s tough to get something that resembles a normal lightbulb from them. There’s been a couple of examples of how LED light can be used as a replacement for normal lighting, but nothing that’s really practical. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Get a free CFL from Home Depot

    Who doesn’t love Home Depot? Hometown lumber yards and hardware stores for two, but besides them, no one! At least no one will not hate them after they get a free compact flouresecent bulb on Earth Day 2009. (April 22, btw) The mega home improvement chain is giving way 1 million 14-watt EcoSmart CFL. How nice of them. It’s probably a good assumption that these are first come… Read More

  • G.E. announces CFL bulb in new incandescent shape

    Image credit: Vox_efx from flickr G.E. today announced “a new covered GE Energy Smart® compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb featuring the GE Spiral® CFL inside the glass bulb.” That’s right: it’s a CFL coil hidden discretely inside of a normal incandescent shaped bulb.  According to Kathy Sterio, general manager of consumer marketing, GE… Read More

  • Apple's new Macbooks and MBPs save energy with CFLs

    Apple is notorious for its attention to the smallest details as the latest MacBooks and MacBook Pros prove with the Energy Saver icon. The updated symbol displays an energy efficient, but somewhat environmentally dangerous if not properly disposed, CFL light bulb instead of an earth-destroying incandescent bulb. No word if this detail will rollout to other Macs via an upcoming System… Read More