Smart canes and wheelchairs among tech empowering the disabled at CES

Amid the confusion of smart showerheads and selfie drones at CES this year, a handful of companies are working to serve the needs of populations that are frequently overlooked by the proprietors of hi

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After months of creative developers building cool virtual reality devices that relied on HTC Vive controllers duck taped to them, HTC has introduced a cool peripheral called the Vive Tracker to allow

Ricoh announces the R, a camera that will make 360-degree live streaming easy

Following from the company's successful Theta S, Ricoh today flirtatiously lifted the veil on an upcoming product that will make live streaming 360-degree content a breeze. For now, the company is mak

How to follow TechCrunch at CES 2017 in Las Vegas

We’ve landed in Las Vegas, and we’re going to be bringing you coverage from CES 2017 all week long.¬†From quirky and innovative startups to our Hardware Battlefield competition, we’l