The Phonotonic Lets You Make Beats By Dancing

While walking through startups at Eureka Park at CES with Darrell Etherington doing live interviews with founders, I forced him to chat with Photonic, a startup that makes nifty orbs that translate yo

Imint Wants To Bring Real-Time Video Stabilization To Android

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IyTUUfifrw We saw a number of companies launch apps for video stabilization in the last year — including Instagram’s Hyperlapse for iOS — and Apple b

AuroraTek Tried To Pitch Us A Gadget That Breaks The Laws Of Physics At CES

AuroraTek CEO William Alek told me that the real star of the booth was a very special electrical transformer that could output more power than you put it. That goes against a fundamental law of physic

Robotbase Wants To Put An Intelligent Robot In Every House

If it's up to Robotbase, you'll soon be coming home and a robot will greet you at the door. While you were away, the Robotbase Personal Robot patrolled your home, made sure the temperature was lowered

LyteShot Wants To Build A Platform For Live-Action Games

CES Hardware Battlefield participant LyteShot is working on an alternate-reality gaming alternative to playing with traditional NERF guns. Its solution relies on wireless "guns" and sensors — known

Ozobot’s Tiny Robots Use Squiggly Lines And Google’s Blockly To Teach Kids To Code

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHOOA7dpaJw&w=560&h=315] One of the bigger evolutions in education has been the push to get kids to become more computer-literate, yet one of the har

Nvidia Announces Two New Computing Platforms For Cars

At its CES press conference, Nvidia today announced the Drive CX, a digital cockpit for cars that is based on the company's new X1 processor. It will include an advanced visual computing architecture.

The Parrot Pot And H2O Give You A Robotic Green Thumb

When you think of Parrot, chances are you are thinking about the A.R. Drone or its recently launched Bebop drone. But as its CEO Henri Seydoux told me in an interview earlier today, drones are only on

Nvidia Announces Tegra X1 With Maxwell GPU

At a press conference in Las Vegas, Nvidia today announced an update to its highly successful Tegra K1 mobile processor. The X1 combines a 64-bit ARM_based processor with a graphics chip based on the

We Need Your Hardware Battlefield Submissions Right Now

Look, people, we’re giving you the chance of a lifetime here: this is Hardware Battlefield where participating startups getting free exhibition space at the 2015 International CES and competing