• Leakage: Six new cameras from Panasonic

    Nothing official yet, but this looks like a pretty good leak. Panasonic loves to do this kind of thing, announcing several cameras at once to distract from the other manufacturers. Read More

  • Rumor: Verizon orders 400,000 Palm handsets

    Someone’s gotta help Palm out. After the somewhat lukewarm response to the Pixi and the Pre, it’s rather surprising that Verizon would decide to place a big order. Word is though, that’s exactly what they did. Read More

  • Samsung outs the IceTouch and MyFit PMPs

    We’re sure to see a ton of small portable media players this week at CES and these from Samsung are just two of them. The Samsung MyFit is aimed at fitness junkies, while trendy kids will probably opt for the IceTouch. They both are candybar-type devices and playback media, but that’s where the similities end. Read More

  • The Datacolor Spyder3HDMI calibrates your HDTV through HDMI

    Datacolor has been in the HDTV and computer monitor calibrating scene for some time now. Its latest model, the Spyder3HDMI, is just the latest calibration tool in a long line. This model, however, has a clever new trick: it doesn’t need a computer or DVD player. Nope, the Spyder3HDMI feeds all the necessary color targets and dialogs directly into the HDTV. Hopefully it works as well as… Read More

  • Specs and pics of the Viliv N5, S10, HD5, and P3 surface pre CES 2010

    It looks like Viliv has a lot planned for CES 2010 this week. In true Internet fashion, most, if not all, of Viliv’s upcoming products leaked out today. The only thing missing are the prices and release dates. At least we have the specs for not only the multi-touch convertable S10 Blade netbook and N5 clamshell, but also all the info on the OLED, Android-equipped P3 and… Read More

  • Vegas-bound! What to expect from CES

    All of us at CrunchGear are prepping for the pain-fest we all know as the Consumer Electronics Show. For those not aware, every January, just after they’ve waddled away from the all-you-can-eat buffet called the Holidays, journalists, bloggers, and big box electronics buyers all head to Las Vegas for more of the same. This year we’re doing a few cool things including a full live… Read More

  • The Skiff Reader is 11.5-inches of pure ebook hotness

    CES is bound to be full of slate computers and e-book readers. But the Skiff Reader might stick out from the rest thanks to its huge 11.5-inch display and very thin bezel. That’s nearly two inches bigger than the Kindle DX, but yet the whole device is only .25-inches thick. Nice, eh? Oh, and it uses Sprint’s 3G network. Read More

  • Freescale ARM Cortex-A8 tablets! Some less than $200! The future! Now!

    You know what’s so hot for Y2K10? Tablets. If you want to get just about anybody in the technology journalism industry all riled up, just talk about tablets. It’s also a good way to make small talk. Texas-based Freescale, purveyor of fine ARM Cortex chips for various mobile devices, is getting in on the tablet madness full force by promising to demonstrate strange and wonderful… Read More

  • Beam me up, Scotty: Some weird wristband lets to you talk to the hand

    Helium Digital just announce what is essentially a wristband communicator for Bluetooth enabled phones. You pair it, wear it, and, umm… talk into it. This $85 device has voice caller ID, vibration feature, and four hours of talk time with 160 hours of standby. It also supports stereo Bluetooth (why?) and includes some noise cancellation circuitry. Read More

  • Samsung releases NX Series DSLR

    Samsung just announced what amounts to their own micro four thirds DSLR with 3-inch AMOLED screen and DSLR-sized sensor. The camera should be available in the Spring but we’ll definitely see it at CES this week where all the hot gadgets will be hanging out. Read More

  • Eight boring HP computers leak out before CES

    Whoops, it looks like most, if not all, of HP’s CES computer lineup has leaked a few days early. So far detailed spec sheets are missing for the four notebooks and four deskstops, but none of them really seem to be all that exciting. The most noteworthy one out of the bunch is the Mini 210 HD  netbook that comes sporting a Pine Trail CPU and Broadcom’s Crystal HD video playback… Read More