• 3 gadgets not quite ready for prime time Crunch Network

    3 gadgets not quite ready for prime time

    If flying cars and personal assistants that live inside your light bulbs sound far-fetched, think again. The high-tech apps and devices that debuted at CES 2016 this year prove we’re living in the future. Let’s look at how these products are set to shape — or reshape — our worlds. Read More

  • Intel Acquires German Drone Startup Ascending Technologies

    Intel Acquires German Drone Startup Ascending Technologies

    Intel has made yet another hardware acquisition to build up its business of integrating its processors and RealSense imaging technology into the next wave of connected devices beyond PCs. Today the company announced it has purchased Ascending Technologies, a Germany-based startup that makes small drones and the software used to fly them. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed… Read More

  • CES 2015: The Automaton Rolls On

    CES 2015: The Automaton Rolls On

    This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was typical in one key regard: The best insights to be had at the event are those that appear when you look at its overall composition, rather than at any single announcement or product unveiling. For CES 2015, one theme in particular struck me as especially important, made more so because of it considerable progression over the past few years of… Read More

  • Bitcoin World Proves It's Not All Hardware at CES

    In Search Of Bitcoin At CES

    Bitstamp, the well-known bitcoin exchange that saw the equivalent of $5 million in the cryptocurrency disappear after a breach by malicious hackers, was notably absent during last week’s CES show — its pre-paid stand completely empty save for a fan of trade mags laid out by a hopeful publisher. Instead of manning their booth, reps from company, we heard, were holed up in a… Read More

  • Order With Me

    From A Rebuilt ’60s Motel In Vegas, OrderWithMe Tackles Big E-Commerce Challenges

    Everyone who comes to live in Vegas has a story about how they got there. But while some of those tales may be prosaic, there are a few that stand out. OrderWithMe — a startup that started out aggregating small business so that they can order from bigger suppliers in bulk, thereby mimicking the procurement power of a larger business — is not your typical Vegas tech… Read More

  • Vegas Tech Fund

    Vegas Is In Search Of A Tech City, Not Just A Quick Jackpot

    Last week, tens of thousands of people came to Las Vegas for CES, where they spent their time milling around the Convention Center and comparing selfie sticks, fancy TVs and robots, trudging to the dozen or so other distantly-placed hotels where related events took place, and apparently drinking a lot. We went off the beaten track to take a gander at another aspect of tech life in… Read More

  • Imint Wants To Bring Real-Time Video Stabilization To Android

    Imint Wants To Bring Real-Time Video Stabilization To Android

    We saw a number of companies launch apps for video stabilization in the last year — including Instagram’s Hyperlapse for iOS — and Apple brought stabilized video to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus camera. Now,  Imint wants to do something similar for Android phones with the launch of Vidhance Mobile. Before you get too excited, though, it’s worth noting that Imint… Read More

  • This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: CES, CES, And Some More CES

    This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: CES, CES, And Some More CES

    The holiday season is over. January-style dread hangs thick in the air. And yet, the Consumer Electronics Show in the middle of the desert has found a way to lift our spirits. We looked at all kinds of gadgets, from 8K televisions to analog-style wearables to a whole host of Internet of Things-type products. There were robots. There was virtual reality. It was like Christmas happened all… Read More

  • Toshiba Android Robot

    Toshiba Got Real Weird

    Toshiba isn’t a name you hear thrown around a whole lot at CES. It’s in the same league as the mammoths — Samsung, LG, Sony — but it’s never quite as exciting or overwhelming as the others’ booths. This year, however, Toshiba had a couple surprises up its sleeve. Read More

  • Micro PC X7A Modular Computer

    Break Down And Rebuild This Little Computer In Moments

    During a 40 minute trawl through the CES floors with TechCrunch’s Frederic Lardinois, we ran into Xi3, a company that makes small, modular computers. It turns out you can fit a full PC into pretty much any size, or shape box. Meet the X7A! We forgot to ask about the decor, but the company seems to be building some pretty cool stuff. Spoiler: I have to assemble a computer on camera. Read More

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