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The best tech of CES 2012

Consumer electronics are a bad metric for gauging the passage of time. And, frankly, Consumer Electronics Shows are considerably worse. I’ve attended well into the double digits of CES and have larg

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Wimm Labs VP Tim Twerdahl Shows Off The Android-Powered Wimm One Smart Watch

There are plenty of smart watches out there in the world. The iPod Nano doubles as one, and the new MotoACTV watch is a pretty solid offering, as well. But over at Wimm Labs, they're taking the concep

Our Favorite CES 2012 Interviews, Videos And Events

CES was a blast this year. It was the best show in recent memory. Everyone from the press to vendors were upbeat and seemingly truly happy to be there. Attendance was up. The show was the largest ever

Ooma CEO Eric Stang Shows Off The New HD2 VoIP Handset

At CES 2012, there are quite a few products that would totally change the way you do things (or at least save you some money) that just don't get enough coverage. We reported on <a href="https://techc

Dropcam CEO Greg Duffy On Getting Into Hardware: “Don’t Ship Before It’s Ready”

If you were paying attention last week, you can probably surmise that we have about a billion hours worth of footage to process from last week's <a href="https://techcrunch.com/ces2012/">CES Internati

All The Little (But Awesome) Things You Definitely Missed At CES

It's true. <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/01/12/ces-a-wonderful-example-of-not-knowing-when-to-stop/">CES is out of control</a>. I have no reference point since this was my first visit, but from

Hands-On With Blue Microphones’ 2012 Lineup

Blue Mics showed up to CES 2012 with three swanky mics. No, really. They look great but that's because Blue Mics knows how to make a good looking mic. Brian Biggott, Blue Mics' CTO, sat down with me o

Hands-On With The LG Spectrum: So Last Year

Here at CES 2012, phones are a bit in short supply. At least, new phones are. LG is one of the few companies to officially announce a new smartphone at the show, and I have to say it's one of the best

ESPN Feels Lonely: A Chat Regarding ESPN’s Role In The Barren 3D Landscape

ESPN, the Worldwide Leader In Tim Tebow news, attended CES this year in the name of 3D TV. The network is fully committed to providing content in 3D and in fact hosted a live boxing match here at CES,

Hands-On With The Sony Ericsson Xperia S From CES

I've never been a huge fan of Sony Ericsson. The phones are fine, I guess, and I certainly commend the company's drive to differentiate. The Xperia Play is a great <em>concept</em> but it failed to re

How Social Media Is Reshaping CES

If you've been Tweeting or Facebooking or G+ing at all this week, you'll notice that there is something called "CES" happening in Las Vegas. CES is clearly overwhelming the tech news cycle - it can't

Watch Us Live From The CES 2012 Floor!

Yesterday was awesome. We hit up LG, Samsung, and Sony to name a few and had a helluva good time doing it. But today is a different day, a different hall and a bevy of new companies and booths. So gra

The $60 Ooma HD2 Uses Facebook, Google And Yahoo For Picture Caller-ID

Home phones are dumb phones defined. At best they feature a backlit four-line display. At worst they suck. Well, Ooma just introduced the HD2, which not only pairs pefectly with the company's VoIP

Sony Keeps Concepts Alive At CES 2012

Today at Sony's CES 2012 press conference, the company unveiled several PC concepts that are, well, just concepts. Kazuo Hirai took to the massive Sony stage deep within the Las Vegas Convention cente

Sony Intros Bloggie Live, Bloggie Sport Pocket Cams To Combat Camera Phones

Now that most of our smartphones can take crisp images and stunning video, the digital imaging sector is having a tough time holding on to its market share. Still, a few players are up for the challen

Watch Sony’s CES 2012 Press Conference

You wish you were here. You pretend that you don't want to be here because, granted, we've been on our feet since the crack of dawn, have been fighting MiFi and WiFi connections like we're getting

Watch Nvidia’s CES Press Conference Live (Update)

Sometimes it's easy to forget companies that aren't Apple and Samsung and Sony. But chipmakers deserve your love too, which is why you should sit back and relax while you check out this webcast of Nvi

Samsung Debuts Series 9 Ultrabook: A 15-Inch Display On A 14-Inch Body

Here at the CES 2012 International conference, we promised you'd be seeing ultrabooks galore. Well, Samsung isn't going to let you down, today announcing the Samsung Series 9 ultrabook. The Series 9 s

Samsung Announces The U.S.-Bound Galaxy Note With LTE

It's official, folks. Here at the CES 2012 show in Las Vegas, Samsung has officially announced the LTE-equipped Galaxy Note. AT&T will be hooking up the phablet with its brand new 4G LTE servi
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