ces 2010

  • Video: Another CES-focused TechVi segment for your amusement

    http://media.techpodcasts.com/techvi/http://p.castfire.com/YfgYq/video/224809_2010-01-08-193608.flv Here’s a recent TechVi segment from CES wherein yours truly and John Falcone from CNet talk about strange and wonderful technology products. Enjoy. CES 2010: Interview with Doug Aamoth and John Falcone [TechVi.com] Read More

  • Review: WristOffice mobile device holder

    “I will wear the WristOffice all day today.” That was the promise I made to company president Walt Froloff. He was sitting behind Matt, Nicholas, and me in the Sahara’s coffee shop this morning and overheard that we were powerful, handsome, world-famous technology bloggers. He started showing off his $80 WristOffice system, which was born out of an inline skating wristguard. Read More

  • Video: EyeController for iPhone/iPod touch + Marvell Plug Computer

    By request from one of our readers (see, we listen!) I zipped over to Marvell’s booth to check out the Plug Computer and got the added bonus of a demonstration of EyeconTroller, an iPhone/iPod touch/computer app that manages media. You can drag and drop media files into various containers, which will play back those particular files on connected household devices – TVs… Read More

  • Parrot’s iPhone-controllable AR.Drone will result in UFO sightings everywhere

    The AR.Drone from Parrot is a remote-controlled flying machine that’s made of plastic and foam and is about the size of a pizza pan. It’s got two on-board cameras that stream video directly to your iPhone with translucent touch controls overlaid atop the video. So you literally see what the drone sees and can make it spin around and go up and down using the onscreen controls. Read More

  • CES in Photos: Ladies and gentlemen, Stan Lee

    Do you wish that you were famous? Know what famous people do? They get hired to sit at events like Santa Claus in order to provide photo opportunities to rabid fans. Such is the case of comic book legend Stan Lee. He’s here at CES, sitting like Santa Claus while rabid fans stand in line for photos. Read More

  • The ‘Alex’ E-book Reader: Electronic ink, secondary color Android touchscreen

    Announced today, the Alex E-book Reader is an interesting take on electronic books. The upper third of the device features a standard 6-inch electronic ink screen similar to Amazon’s Kindle and then the bottom part sports a 3.5-inch color touchscreen running Android (1.6). The two screens can be harmonized by taking a web page you’ve loaded up on the Android browser and shooting it… Read More

  • Video: Sound Trends’ Looptastic for iPhone and iPod touch

    Back with another one of those pocket rockin’ beats – am I right? Am I right? Looptastic is a pretty cool little app. If you’re an aspiring DJ or a DJ who spends a lot of time in waiting rooms and wants a way to pass the time, this one’s got a lot of features to play with. Check out the above video demo with Sound Trends president Aaron Higgins for a look at the… Read More

  • Kensington’s new universal laptop charger, she is wonderfully tiny

    Just met with Kensington here at CES and they’ve got a universal notebook charger coming out next month that uses 30% less energy than conventional adapters and is, perhaps more importantly, very nicely sized at 4.5″ x 2.2″ x 0.8″ – the photos don’t quite do it justice. I thought it was a larger external backup battery for a cell phone at first. Read More

  • Video: Quick hands-on with the Lenovo Skylight

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hMQ5gbvnBgA%2Em4v%5D Lenovo’s Snapdragon-based Skylight smartbook is here at CES (see previous coverage). It’s light – really light. I didn’t have too much time to actually test out anything substantial but the physical design is certainly different enough to draw some attention. I couldn’t get a more firm release date than… Read More

  • Sanyo's CES press conference yields impressive camcorders

    Sanyo officially joined the Panasonic group as of December 21st, 2009. This decision was “due to the rapid decline of the global economy,” according to Sanyo North America president Masami Murata. “This alliance will maximize and optimize Sanyo’s corporate value and will open the way for our company to realize further business development.” Sanyo will maintain… Read More

  • In Pictures: CES – the “E” stands for “EXCITEMENT”

    Taken during Samsung’s press conference. The guy with the LG enV spent most of the time tap-tap-tappin’ away, while Drowsypants in front of him tried to fight off about 15 minutes of head drooping before finally slipping into a serene, dream-like state. Read More

  • Live from Monster’s CES press conference

       Noel Lee, head honcho of Monster, is here and we’re live at the press conference. Read More

  • Beam me up, Scotty: Some weird wristband lets to you talk to the hand

    Helium Digital just announce what is essentially a wristband communicator for Bluetooth enabled phones. You pair it, wear it, and, umm… talk into it. This $85 device has voice caller ID, vibration feature, and four hours of talk time with 160 hours of standby. It also supports stereo Bluetooth (why?) and includes some noise cancellation circuitry. Read More

  • Samsung releases NX Series DSLR

    Samsung just announced what amounts to their own micro four thirds DSLR with 3-inch AMOLED screen and DSLR-sized sensor. The camera should be available in the Spring but we’ll definitely see it at CES this week where all the hot gadgets will be hanging out. Read More