ces 2009

  • Still too expensive? Pioneer's BDP-120 Blu-ray player is less than $300

    Complaints that Blu-ray is too expensive—we say it often—may soon be harder to justify, now that Pioneer will release the $250 BDP-120 in April. It’s just a Blu-ray player—no fancy Netflix streaming here—but if all you’re looking for is an inexpensive player (and have no interest in the PS3) you could do worse. Read More

  • Casio shrinks the high-speed EX series and does some weird stuff

    Casio just gave a simultaneously cool and really weird press conference. They’ve shrunk the famous EX-F1’s guts into a nice compact little package, then demonstrated what they said was going to be the next generation of photography. What was it? Well, come and find out! Lots of pictures, and video in a few minutes. Read More

  • WTF are up with all these super duper thin HDTVs?

    By raise of hands, who else thinks that all these anorexically thin HDTVs are dumb? LG’s latest set measures only 6.5mm thick and Sony’s isn’t that much more thick. (pictured) Who the hell cares Though? Why is HDTV’s latest cockfight over TV thickness? This also applies to Blu-ray/DVD players too, btw. Read More

  • Toshiba 2009 CES Press Event

    Poor Toshiba. While every other major CE player is introducing 4th and 5th gen Blu-ray players, Toshiba is still ignoring the winning format. The company does, however, have some nice flat screens coming out in 2009 with widgets powered by Intel and Yahoo that’s going to work nicely with Windows Media Center. The rest of the mundane are simply too mundane to be worth your time. Oh, how… Read More

  • Netgear announces another set-top box

    Along with the Netgear Internet TV player announced today, Netgear also unveiled a more practical set-top box, the Digital Entertainer Elite (EVA9150). Click on if you’re interested. Read More

  • Netgear unveils the Internet TV Player set-top box

    Yep, another set-top box. Netgear unveiled the Netgear Internet TV Player (ITV2000) today. From this box you can stream content to your TV from sites like BBC, CNN, ESPN, EuroSport, NBC, PGATour, and TMZ, as well as video sites like YouTube, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, and MetaCafe. Click on for press release. Read More

  • LG's HDTV lineup streams, has Hz, will block out the sun

    LG just released a vast amount of information detailing their latest lineup of HDTVs, but most of it you can make up yourself: imagine a list of TV sizes, a descending list of model numbers, and a likewise descending list of features. The ones worth mentioning are the LH50 (below) and PS80 series, which will both have ethernet ports and the new Netcast streaming technology, allowing you to… Read More

  • LG at CES: displays, XNOTES, and the watch phone

    LG just finished showing off their newest stuff, including the much-ballyhooed watch phone. They also had some nice big TVs and a nice little notebook I hadn’t seen before. Pictures inside. Plus the Vu said a bad word! Read More

  • Samsung announces the MBP200 pico projector

    What’d I tell you last night? Didn’t I say TI’s DLP pico projectors would make a splash at CES this year? Read More

  • Bug Labs announces five new BUGmodules

    It seems like TI’s DLP pico projectors are going to make a big push at this year’s CES. I mean, even Wowwee is getting into and we’ve caught wind of a few other big time players who are getting ready to announce similar devices over the course of the week. Bug Labs now has one and they’re calling it the BUGprojector. The other four BUGmodules include BUGsound, BUG3g… Read More

  • Live from the Monster Cable CES Press Event

    Monster Cable: hate ’em or love ’em, they are a driving force in the CE world. Their 2009 lineup, at least according to its wares spread out in front, doesn’t look to innovate. A few headphones we’ve already seen and reviewed, a couple of new power centers, and HP branded HDMI cables that are sure to carry a high MSRP. Hopefully the head monster, Noel Lee, will have… Read More

  • G’day, Gdium

    Further proof that anyone with enough money to call long distance to a Southeast Asian manufacturing plant can release a netbook, EMTEC (yes, that EMTEC) has announced its “Gdium Liberty” netbook. Read More

  • SanDisk's slotRadio comes with 1,000 pre-loaded songs

    SanDisk thinks the current setup of plugging your mp3 player into you computer to load up on songs is far too complicated. Okay. That’s why it’s using CES to introduce the slotRadio, a 1GB flash-based music player that comes pre-loaded songs Read More

  • Sharper Image looks for a new image with cheap iPod docks

    The Sharper Image is taking on new pricing strategies and channels of distribution with a cheap line of iPod docks to be sold outside malls and in places like department stores and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Click on for a few pics of different docks. Read More

  • Linksys announces Wireless Home Audio System, another wireless audio toy for rich people

    Unless you’re down to hobble your own crazy homebrew set-up, tinkering with wireless audio systems is a damned expensive hobby. Everytime I read about these products, I imagine some rich old dude tango’ing himself around his mansion with a rose in his teeth and an air-partner in his arms. Linksys’ just announced “Wireless Home Audio System” is an obvious attempt at… Read More

  • ooma officially brings out some new hardware, calls it Telo

    ooma has officially unveiled their new hardware at CES for the rest of the world to see and they’ve dubbed it Telo. It’s a cordless handset to go along with their VoIP service. Read More

  • SanDisk announces Rock Band branded SD card for the Wii

    I wanna rock and roll all nite and party every day
    I wanna rock and roll all nite and party every day
    I wanna rock and roll all nite and party every day
    I wanna rock and roll all nite and party every day Read More

  • T-Mobile pulls the trigger on the BlackBerry 8900, finally

    Rumors have been floating for weeks now and we knew the 8900 would be coming sometime in early ’09 and tonight T-Mobile has made it official. However, the 8900 aka Curve II aka Javelin will not be hitting store shelves on the 11th or 18th according to the press release. T-Mobile is being coy and saying it’s coming sometime this month. It could happen on those dates, but… Read More

  • Hitachi reveals CES line up, filled with thin TVs, Blu-ray camcorders and such

    Isn’t this fun? At this rate we’ll have CES covered before the whole team is even on the ground. Hitachi has announced that they will be showing ultra thin prototype TVs this year at CES. Yay! More uber thin prototype TVs just like last year. Please excuse my sarcasm, I really can’t wait to get to CES and see the rest of the gang. Anyway, Hitachi will have a 50-inch 35mm… Read More

  • CES 2009: Brief hands-on with HP's Dv2

    This thing just popped up on the radar yesterday, and I really liked the look of it. I saw it at the HP booth at Unveiled, and thought I’d take a quick video. They do a really good job of keeping the lighting nice and dim in the ballroom, so it should be blurry and orangey. Couple extra pictures, too. Read More

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