ces 2009

  • Checkin' out Tritton's surround sound headset, finally

    Man, I saw these back at PAX but for some reason never brought them up. Which is too bad, because they’re pretty cool. I love the little in-line remote that lets you control the volume for individual surround channels. They sounded good back at PAX, but as I note in the video, there were a ton of dudes around when I was there so I didn’t try them on again. They’re gonna have… Read More

  • CES Video: Samsung ships world's first pico projector enabled cell phone, the Show

    Did I call it or what? This is, at the moment, the first and only mobile phone with TI’s DLP pico projector technology. It will ship later this month in Korea but we’ll have to wait until later this year to see if Samsung decides to ship it Stateside. As you’ll see in the video the device is capable of projecting all sorts of content at a decent resolution. Rather than… Read More

  • Mini DV: The Smallest Digital Video Camera in the World With High Resolution Image!

    Hey! Memorize Every Wonderful Moment With AEE Cool Recording Gadget! It is Very Small. It Support USB 2.0. It only 55mm tall! It has LED Indicator. You Can Mount It Anywhere. But the Absolutely Best Thing About it? Read More

  • IOGEAR announces wireless USB Audio/Video kit

    IOGEAR announced a wireless USB audio/video adapter today. Seems like it could be interesting. Read More

  • iHearSafe: A good idea

    So these things are basically headphones designed to output up to and only up to 85 decibels. You plug them in and no matter how high the device is set, your child will be listening at a level safe enough for everyday use and that won’t damage their hearing accidentally. Read More

  • Hands-on Touch Revolution's NIMble Android-powered platform

    CES is filled with gadgets and gizmos that are known about months ahead of time and so the real jewels are the booths from previously unknown companies. Case in point is Touch Revolution and its sweet NIMble platform that is ran by *gasp* Android. Read More

  • Apex racing cage with triple screen is the biggest gaming accessory ever

    Well, maybe not the biggest ever (Tekken on IMAX!) or the most original, but with all its chromoly-steel construction and tubey good looks, I just had to put it up. I’d like bigger screens, personally, and they were playing a kind of lackluster racer, but the device itself was cool. The wheel is Logitech and the pedals… I’m not sure, but there were three and they were big… Read More

  • A truly great CES post

    I’ll admit that I’m a cranky bastard at these shows. You guys have essentially entrusted us with the difficult and thankless job of allowing you to subjugate your neophilia through frequent and effusive discussions of new technology and we, in turn, have become jaded, angry, and bitter. Why? Because doing this stuff is hard work. It requires constant attention, the ability to… Read More

  • Hands on with Mattel's weird Mindflex Game

    Now here’s something that will end up at the bottom of the toybox next Christmas. The Mindflex lets you control a floating ball around a little obstacle course. Air bumps and pops the ball through hoops and tubes and ends up frustrating you more than anything else. Read More

  • CES Video: HP Firebird with Voodoo DNA

    HP finally came clean on its Firebird midsize gaming rig and we just spent a few minutes with the liquid-cooled machine. It seems that HP had the traveling gamer in mind as it’s light enough to lug between LAN parties thanks to its laptop components. But don’t forget that Gideon Bible-sized power brick. Overall though, it’s a hot little rig that’s sure to make all the… Read More

  • Informal CrunchGear CES 2009 Meet-up: Come drown your sorrows in cheap ale

    We’ll be meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada tonight at 9pm at the Casino Royale hotel. If you’re in Las Vegas and want to come by for a little bit of camaraderie and drinkie drinkie. You should just look for a bunch of drunk fat people but I’ll tweet our actual location around 9pm. Read More

  • CES 2009 omnibus post for Thursday

    The CES posts have been coming out like machine gun bullets at CrunchGear, so much so that even we can’t keep track of them. But that doesn’t mean you should miss the highlights, hands-ons, and sneak peeks that have been going on all day here in Vegas on the first day on the show floor. Here are a few noteworthy posts from today: We got hands-on with: Palm’s… Read More

  • CrunchGear interviews Dr. Dre, yes, you read that right

    Last night Greg Kumparak and I had the pleasure of interviewing the Dr. Dre of NWA fame. Jimmy Iovine from Interscope, Noel and Kevin Lee from Monster were also present. Our video isn’t quite finished yet, but we’ll have it up soon. We asked Dre a couple questions like what his favorite gadgets were, what he thought of DRM and what he’s working on now. But you’ll have… Read More

  • CES Video: Closer look at the SanDisk Sansa slotRadio player

    Here’s a little demo of the SanDisk Sansa slotRadio player that we reported earlier. The basic gist is a $99 player loaded up with 1000 songs spanning various genres. You can also buy genre-specific microSD cards for $39.99 that come with 1000 songs too Read More

  • The Asus ROG gaming desktop will eat babies & frag virgins

    The Asus Core i7-powered ROG was all by itself at the CES Asus booth but for good reason. This thing is a F’n beast! It’s massive and must weigh a metric ton. The Asus booth monkey wouldn’t open the case for some reason despite my persistent asking and joking. Even still, it’s a gigantic, massive, huge, gaming machine that probably has it’s own weather climate. Read More

  • Video: Hands on with LG's prototype watchphone

    That great watch/phone we saw a few weeks back is here at CES. I got my hands on it last night but they made me turn off the video for some secret screens that nobody can see. Still, it’s all there on video and it looks great. The light was really awful, though. We’ll have more later, of course. Click on through for the vids. Read More

  • CES 2009 Thursday Box Lunch Unboxing

    Hmmm. CES Box lunch. Hopefully the Big Daddy Roast Beef tastes as good as it sounds… Read More

  • CES Video: Hands on with the MSI X320 netbook, plus pricing and availability info

    Netbook, notebook, call it whatever you want — the MSI X320 is slick city, my main man. Here’s a hands-on video and some photos of the device, plus info about pricing and availability. Read More

  • LIVE CES 2009 Palm keynote

    CrunchGear is live at CES 2009 attending the Palm keynote. What can we expect? New hardware, a new OS, and potentially a branding strategy that will move them far from everything we used to know about Palm. Refresh this page to see updates. Please check here for the entire live feed. Read More

  • Live in 30 minutes: Palm's Saving Throw

    We’re about to go into the Palm press conference here at CES. What can we expect? New hardware, a new OS, and potentially a branding strategy that will move them far from everything we used to know about Palm. Stay tuned. Read More

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