CES 2008

  • CES 2008: Love in the BLOLGER lounge

    See Peter blog. Blog Peter, blog. See Matt Hickey code video. Transcode, Matt, transcode. See Mike Kobrin get made fun of for his name. Cry, Mike Korbin, cry. Feel John’s scratchy meat beard. Funny John! You can’t eat all the cookies at once! Read More

  • LG debuts 24 LCD HDTVs at Vegas, 720p/1080i slowly going away

    [photopress:lgces2k8tv.jpg,full,center] LG opens up this year’s CES with several new LCD HDTVs—the entry level LG30 series to the top level LG75 series—ranging in size from 19 to 52 inches; 17 of the 24 (!) models are 1080p. (My quick advice: stay away from anything that’s not 1080p from now on.) Several of the top models feature 120MHz technology, which gives images… Read More

  • Pioneer's New AV Receivers Rock the High-Def

    Product Name:Pioneer VSX-518-K, VSX-818V-K, VSX-918V-K and VSX-1018TXH-K
    Description: Pioneer just updated its AV receiver line with the VSX-518-K, VSX-818V-K, VSX-918V-K and VSX-1018TXH-K, all of which sport plenty of high-def goodness. The high-end VSX-1018-K supports HDMI 1.3 and does on-board decoding of HD audio formats like Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, and… Read More

  • CES Unveiled: Hannspree monitors, GPS, digital frames

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=hann.flv Product Name: Hanns-G IT
    Description: 19-, 22-, 25-, 28-inch MFM LCD monitors that are HDCP compliant with HDMI inputs. They all boast extraordinarily fast response times (5ms, 8ms) and wide viewing angle. The 25-inch model features 102 percent of the NTSC color gamut.
    Price: Starts at $599
    In-store date: Q2 2008
    Site… Read More

  • Zenith DTT900 converts digital TV signals to analog, extends life of older TVs

    Zenith has come out with an affordable digital-to-analog TV signal converter box, the DTT900. The box, which makes it debut at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, takes the digital TV signal that broadcasters are required to use come next year and converts them to an analog signal, useable on older TVs. The digital signal that broadcasters will have to use starting… Read More

  • High-Def Heaven: Panasonic, SiBEAM, and WirelessHD

    Product Name: Wireless High-Def Connectivity
    Description: Panasonic announced a partnership with SiBEAM to create the first wireless high-definition HDTV system based on the WirelessHD standard. The system comprises a plasma TV set, a receiver, and a movable rack into which you can shove a Blu-ray player or HD-DVD if it still exists by the end of the week or HD camcorder. It’ll use… Read More

  • CES 2008: Straight outta the Blogger's Lounge

    We’re blogging today live from the Blogger’s Lounge at CES. And apparently we bloggers have bad breath, as every table has piles of these breath mints, which they refill from time to time. Thanks for making us feel at home, CES! Also, a CES employee came and snapped photos of us blogging for the CES blogger’s blog. That’s what we call “meta”. Read More

  • Toshiba announces four REGZA LCDs, one AV500

    Product Name:AV500, REGZA: CV510, RV530, XV540, XF550 Description: The AV500 series ranges from 19- to 42-inches and features 720p resolution. DynaLight ups the dynamic backlight control for the blackest black you’ve ever seen and has built-in ATSC/QAM digital tuning. Each model includes HDMI and PC inputs. Read More

  • JVC Everio G Series Camcorders

    Product Name: JVC Everio G Series Camcorder
    Description: The new Everio camcorders will come in blue, red, silver, and black and include 30- or 60GB hard drives. It has a 7-megapixel CCD and includes a 2.7-inch LCD with unique touch sensitive bezel. Read More

  • Pioneer In-Dash Navigator and Media Control Center

    Product Name: Pioneer AVIC-F500BT
    Description: Pioneer launched the AVIC-F500BT an hybrid in-dash navigator and media controller that links your MP3 player, cell phone, and Bluetooth devices while helping you figure out where you’re going. The pre-loaded mapping data from Tele Atlas covers the entire United States, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii, and you can view them on the 5.8-inch… Read More

  • Toshiba says HD DVD is not dead

    Well, Toshi responded by saying that HD DVD is not dead and all that jazz. They’ll probably just stick to the porn industry to save the format. Read More

  • Qosmio G45AV690 HD DVD playing notebook

    Image ganked from UberGizmo Product Name: Toshiba Qosmio G45-AV690
    Description: This 2.5-GHz Core 2 Duo laptop includes HD DVD playback, for what that’s worth these days. It plays back in full 1080p and includes a mini webcam and GeForce 8600M graphics card. It also supports HDMI-CEC out. Read More

  • WNC's GW4 smartphones: Linuxy, Androidy

    Product Name: GW4 Linux phone Description: A Treo-like form factor running Linux beats Palm at its own game. Expect Android soon. 2MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, and lots of other goodies. Read More

  • JVC P-Series LCD TVs with TeleDock

    Product Name: JVC P-Series LCD TVs with TeleDock
    Description: This line of LCD TVs include a fold down iPod dock. The new JVC P-Series includes the 32-inch LT-32P679, 42-inch LT-42P789, 47-inch LT-47P789 and the 52-inch LT-52P789. The LT-32P679 is a 768p model, while the others offer 1080p resolution. When an iPod is docked, a menu appears on the TV screen for selecting music, music shuffle… Read More

  • JVC NX-PN7 Dual iPod Dock

    Product Name: JVC NX-PN7 Dual iPod Dock
    Description: A dual ipod dock that holds two iPods. That’s right. Two iPods. Let’s say it again: Two. i. Pods. Read More

  • CG's Best of CES… so far

    It’s unofficially day two of the magical time of year they call CES. I’ve decreed that I will be happy and not bitter today and so far it’s working, except that I’m slowly getting a migraine. Anyway, we’ve seen a few interesting things and one clinker, the 9mm Pioneer Kuro TV which is just a concept and, therefore, dead to us. Here are a few choice tidbits so… Read More

  • NetGear CES cavalcade: Wire-line and hotter Wireless

    [photopress:Hi_Res_ReadyNAS_DUO_front_1_2_3.jpg,full,pp_image] NetGear release a heady 8 products today including a new home storage NAS with redundant drives and wireless devices with improved HD streaming over WiFi complete with increased range. Read More

  • Pioneer looses two slim DVD players

    DV-310 Product Name: DV-310 and DV-410V Description: Pioneer’s latest slim DVD players, DV-310 and DV-410v, are said to enhance the performance of the following media formats: DVD-R/RW, +R/RW, CD-R/RW, SVCD and VCD. Along with enhanced performance of said media formats, both players provide playback fo WMA and MP3 compressed audio files from discs or USB jump drives. They’re also… Read More

  • Pioneer Project Kuro

    Product Name: Project Kuro
    Description: 50-inch flat panel display that weighs a mere 41 pounds and is the thinnest panel at 9mm.
    Price: Concept
    In-store date: These fully-operational concept televisions will not be commercially-available in 2008.
    Why it’s cool: It’s cool, but it’s a concept so don’t get your hopes up just yet. Read More

  • Vizio announces 30 HDTV models

    I’m going to save you the shenenigans and snark by just pasting what Vizio sent us. Essentially, they’ve got 32-inch plasmas for $689 and 50-inchers for $1,399 — 1080p, naturally — and a few new surround sound systems and LCDs. They have a new LCD line called Envy which is a little sexier than the standard line. We’ll hit the booth tomorrow to see what is really… Read More

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