CES 2008

Dressing the Magic colthes (TM)

The winner of best Engrish in a CES booth goes to…

CES Today: Will the madness never end?

We’re all a bit hungover today so we’re busy milling around snapping photos of booth babes and finding whatever hidden gems we may have missed over the last few days. In the meantime check

Hands on with Jook

Biggs doesn’t see the point of Jook and neither do I. Well, I guess it’s sort of cool, but everyone and their mom has to have one for this to work. I guess it’s better than sharing m

CES 2008: We need drinks. So do you! Monte Carlo Pub tonight at 9

Blogging is hard. Look at the crowds we have to face just to bring you all the goodies you’re getting today. Just look! So later tonight we’re going to have drinks and stuff. And, if you&#

iPhone pig docks from China

Biggs, Devin and I trekked over to the Sands to try and get into some AVn mischief, but, sadly, we were denied. Instead of scantily clad women we found iPod/iPhone docks from China. There were pigs an

Biggs loves his toys

I really think there’s something wrong with Biggs. The gallery is clearly evident of that. He randomly sings karaoke and then attempts to kill me with Halo Covenant weapons.

CES 2008: Belkin's Podcast Studio: You know, for podcasters

Hands down, one of the coolest things I’ve seen at CES so far this week is the Belkin Podcast Studio. It’s a handheld unit that you attach your iPod to. Using a pair of swiveling integrate

Just a reminder that R2D2 as a projector is awesome

http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf This is not a new idea by any means. I just wanted to reassure everyone that it still evokes a chuckle and a knowing

MP3 headphones getting cheaper, slightly less fugly

I’ve been seeing a lot of these headphones with built-in storage and digital audio playback today. They’re almost everywhere, staring at me as if I’d tried to date their sister. Leav

Machine-washable heated jacket, very warm gloves

We’ve all seen heated clothing before but there are a couple of somewhat unique about this line of jackets and gloves. First, the gloves have heating circuits that go all the way to the fingerti

CES 2008: Kevin Costner's a total rocker!

You read blogs like CrunchGear because you value our opinions on the gear that we review, we’re experts and break things down into easy to swallow pieces. But you don’t come to CrunchGear

Kaon Mobile straddles UMPC and PDA

Here’s a little device set to hit the Korean market in about a month and possibly the rest of the world this summer, pending a distribution deal. It’s manufactured by Kaon Mobile and is ab

CES 2008: Sungale's new take on the digital photo frame

Digital photo frames are a dime a dozen, especially at CES, but Sungale out of China, who’s here at CES looking for distributors, has one that I’d actually consider. It’s a regular 4

Optimus Maximus touched at CES

It’s out there, and it’s just as glossy and beautiful as you think. The keys are somewhat bigger than a normal keyboard, probably by 15% or so; they had a regular size one there for compar

CES 2008: Pega Hong Kong's Wii Zappers look like the real deal

Since the Wii was released, we’ve wanted Zappers . And some have come, some have left, but they’ve all been pretty basic. Pega from Honk Kong has taken the Zapper to its logical conclusion

CES 2008: Razer Destructor, the 'gaming-grade' mouse surface

[photopress:Rzr_Destructor_MainPic.jpg,full,center] Razer distinguishes itself from every other PC peripheral maker by focusing on making higher-end products…like this one! It’s the Destru

CES 2008: Microsoft, Toshiba: We are sorry for your loss

Is there a doctor in the house? Can we declare HD-DVD officially dead now? I just walked by both the HD-DVD booth and the Blu-Ray booth on my way up to the Blounge (Blogger’s Lounge), and snappe

SoundTech Ediface: Like Guitar Hero with real guitars

http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf The SoundTech Ediface is an interesting device. It’s basically a pickup that attaches to any guitar and then c

AudioVox/RCA Small Wonder

The video is kind of Le Boring but go ahead and take a look at Audiovox’s Small Wonder camcorder. It’s small and it’s certainly a wonder. $149.

Michael Douglas loves XStreamHD, so should you

We’ve told you about XStreamHD once or twice before. You can forget the format war because we all know physical media is going down the pooper. I like where XStreamHD’s head is at with str
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