CES 2008

  • Pre-show leak: LG.Philips LCD to show off highest resolution e-paper

    CES is coming, CES is coming! I ask: what’s the point of the show if companies leak what they’re going to show before Day One? LG.Philips, I’m referring to you right now. Word has it that LG.Philips LCD will show off a 14.3-inch E-Paper model with a 1280×800 resolution, which is the highest resolution of such a device. She’s able to display 16.7 million colors… Read More

  • HP announces laptops, PCs, monitors, well in advance of CES

    The TX 2000 Whoa, there, Mr. Packard! HP has just launched two new laptops, the HP Pavilion tx2000 mdash; a $1,299 convertable tablet — and the Pavilion HDX series of notebooks the Blu Ray playback and 20-inch ultrabright display (about $1,999). The tx2000 is aimed at students and artists who need handwriting recognition and a nice touchscreen while the HDX is a monster gamer/meda… Read More

  • Mobile HDTV? Korea brings the future to you

    Even if you thought you didn’t need hi-def TV in your car, or while walking on the street, or while frolicking in the fields, Korea will convince you otherwise. Those crazy guys at LG have invested seven billion woolongs, er, won, in R&D just so that you can watch “Desperate Housewives” on the bus as it airs. They’ve made it so no extra frequencies are required, just… Read More

  • And we're off: CES 2008 Meet-up

    The whole team is gearing up for CES next week and we’re ready to walk the halls, drink the whiskey, and eat the bad food so you don’t have to. If anyone in Las Vegas wants to meet up with the CG crew for wings, beer, and shop talk, drop us a line at tips @ crunchgear.com and we’ll try to plan an impromptu evening meet-up on Tuesday night. More info as we get it, but as you… Read More

  • Skype coming to PSP

    It’s been long rumored that Skype would be coming to the PSP and it appears we’ll see/hear something official at CES. This is a bit of surprising move because it has to make one wonder why Sony would be releasing another Mylo that’s had this functionality since the first one. I’m all for it either way. Just makes me scratch my head and wonder if the PSP group talks to… Read More

  • Rumor: Gates to announce next Xbox at CES

    This will truly be a sad and momentous CES for many. I’m not looking forward to my excursion in the desert and this will be my first CES. I may throw my glamorous career and life in the trash if nothing groundbreaking is announced or unveiled. Failing that, I may end up in a ditch or roaming the desert hopped up on peyote. I haven’t decided yet. It’s also Bill Gates’… Read More

  • LG.Philips announces multiple LCDs ahead of CES

    I’m not really looking forward to CES next week, but LG.Philips has me frothing with the announcement of multiple LCDs ranging from 32- to 84-inches with multi-touch interfaces, handwriting recognition and transreflective backlighting. Can you imagine what your TV viewing experience will be like with any of new sets? It’s going to be mind boggling. Oh wait, i forgot to tell you… Read More

  • Impact Unlimited Takes The Boring Out Of Trade Shows, Conventions

    If you’ve ever been to a trade show or a convention, you probably noticed that the main way vendors try to get your attention is with giant signs, hot women and swag. These are all things I’m not opposed to, but with everyone doing the same thing, it’s hard to get noticed. Impact Unlimited specializes in giving companies an edge out on the floor using a host of unique… Read More

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