ces 2008 exclusive

Michael Douglas loves XStreamHD, so should you

We’ve told you about XStreamHD once or twice before. You can forget the format war because we all know physical media is going down the pooper. I like where XStreamHD’s head is at with str

Linksys' new network interface, EasyLink Advisor

http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=linksysinterface.mp4.ff.flv Linksys’ new interface is probably the most useful I’ve seen in a network peripheral. Each items pops up as a l

NetGear CES cavalcade: Wire-line and hotter Wireless

[photopress:Hi_Res_ReadyNAS_DUO_front_1_2_3.jpg,full,pp_image] NetGear release a heady 8 products today including a new home storage NAS with redundant drives and wireless devices with improved HD str

Vizio announces 30 HDTV models

I’m going to save you the shenenigans and snark by just pasting what Vizio sent us. Essentially, they’ve got 32-inch plasmas for $689 and 50-inchers for $1,399 — 1080p, naturally &md

Quick look at the SPOT communicator

The SPOT is a handheld GPS device that communicates via satellite to call for help or just check in with loved ones. The orange device reports your current position and lets you map your trek on Googl

The Vamp: Scary outdoor bat robot

[photopress:IMG_0303.JPG,full,center] From the makers of the Mosquito comes the Vamp, a scary-looking bat robot with an ugly carapace that can fly around inside and outside. It should be available now

Sennheiser releases first untethered Kleer wireless earbuds

[photopress:MX_W1_Set__Large_.jpg,full,center] I pray that Kleer actually takes off but after seeing ideas like this try and fail to gain traction — Zigbee, anyone? — I’m a little du

New version of gOS announced

I think it’s time we shut down the Internet. A new version of the so-called Google OS, gOS will be available next week. Dubbed “Rocket,” this new version has Google Gears support for

Bodibeat lets you rock out in time to your necrotic heart

[photopress:bbeat.jpg,full,center] I’m kind of weaning myself off of music while I run. It lets me concentrate a bit more on, say, finishing a race in less than 6 hours. However, the Bodibeat by

Slingbox launches HD box that slings, SlingPlayer Mobile for Blackberry

[photopress:SlingboxPRO_HD.jpg,full,center] Need 1080i content every-freaking-where in the world? Get ye a $399.99 SlingBox PRO-HD. This monster can send digital TV and HD content almost anywhere, pro

Norcent launches HDTVs, a camera

BIZARRO LAS VEGAS (AP) – With the eyes of the world turned to Sin City for this year’s Computer Electronical Show, tech giant Norcent has announced two of its highly anticipated products,

Garmin Forerunner 405: And I just bought the 205 (!!)

Dag nabbit! Garmin just launched the Forerunner 405, a sexier, sultrier GPS watch that doesn’t look like a domino is trying to rape your wrist. It can be used indoors and outdoors and measure he

CES 2008 predictions: The end of the HD disc wars and a new era of HD audio and video

It’s mobile a TV and no, you can’t have it yet. Prognosticating always gets you into trouble, but I’ve been keeping my eyes on announcements from CES and want to make a few basic pre