CES 2007

iPhone? Who Cares?

We’ll admit the iPhone wasn’t much of a surprise and apparently numerous companies were prepared to steal Apple’s thunder with their own product announcements. One upcoming handset t

Recycle Your Cellphone With ReCellular

The next time you go to chuck that old cellphone you no longer use in the trash, stop and think about using ReCellular. ReCellular lets you send in your old phone (shipping is free via prepaid postage

Golla – Inexpensive, Fashionable Bags From Finland

One of the more “fashionable” booths at CES 2007 was Golla’s. Golla is a Finnish accessories company that has great looking cases and bags that don’t cost a fortune. Plus, it h

Lensbabies: Lenses Like Babies

Every once in a while we get lucky enough to see an actually cool product. This is the Lensbaby, an odd lens that allows you to create selective focus images, meaning you can “sharpen up”

IOGear Digital Scribe Lets You Write With Ease

IOGear has a pretty rad product for those of you who still think the pen is mightier than the swordlaptop. The device clips onto a notebook and a special pen with a sensor is used to determine when yo

CES 2007 Booooring Edition: Franklin Spanish-English Translator

Actually, Blake loves this thing because it lets him speak to Raj without hassle. Franklin’s Spanish-English Translator gives you 800,000 translations to and from Spanish to English, it contains

Sennheiser PXC 450 Noise-Canceling Headphones

I have a bit of a love affair with Sennheiser. Back in my gaming days I used a pair of HD-570s. They completely changed my game. As far as I know, Sennheisers are still the dominate headphones used am

LG Shining On

We’ve been drooling over the LG Shine for a while now and it was nice to see it live and in the flesh. The Shine is part of LG’s Black Label series — whatever that means — and

Melitta Coffee Maker Brews Cups O' Joe, Weather Forecasts

Melitta is brewing up a storm. Literally. The new Melitta Smart Mill & Brew Coffee Maker comes with built-in weather forecasts via Microsoft Spot technology. It’s got a decent interface on t

Total HD Disc From Warner Bros.

Last night Warner Brothers showed off their new Total Hi Def Disc at a special conference. They showed a clip from the movie Superman Returns on HD-DVD, Blu Ray Disc, and Total HD. They all looked the

Creative XDock Wireless

X-Fi is a technology for improving audio quality from standard sources including MP3 players and streaming sources. They’ve stuffed this technology into a set of wireless devices, the XDock Wire

Day 3 @ CES: Sweepy

What do you get when you put a manic-depressive, a beat-down married man, and a guy from the South together in one place? Our CES experience. Here, John takes a quick nap before heading off to his nex

Hybrid Blu-ray-HD-DVD Player Coming

for the PC that could read both Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that LG has announced a standalone player that will play both disc formats. The BH100 Super Multi Blue Pl

Eton Self Powered Radio

Most of the larger booths at CES probably pull more electricity than is used by a small city. But even if you’re not one of those “green” types, you have to admit the idea of saving a little bit

Samsung Simpsons Phones: Little, Yellow, Different

We got a chance to see the Simpsons phones in the wild. It’s all clamshell all the time over there with an A717 for Cingular, an M500 for Sprint, and a U740 for Verizon ensconced in glass cases

CarMD Tells Your Car to Turn Over, Cough

Most cars made for the American road since the late ’80s have included a small microprocessor that keeps track of various goings-on under the hood. It not only keeps things digitally regulated,

Samsung SCH i760: Blackjack ][

Got some hands-on time with the SCH i760, the Blackjack Deux, with an external keypad and fold out QWERTY keyboard. It’s probably coming out on Verizon, although the kids at Samsung weren’

Kenwood's Idea of Seamless Entertainment

A typical press conference at CES. Kenwood demonstrates “seamless entertainment.” This Power Point slide has us convinced!

XM And Bushnell Unveil Onix 400

Bushnell isn’t exactly known for awesome consumer electronics, but the Onix 400 seems to be a decent device. It’s a waterproof GPS device with XM Satellite Radio and weather tracking built

Eos Whole Home Audio Systems for the iPod

It seems fairly obvious, but if you really want to listen to your music anywhere in the house on your iPod… you just take your iPod with you. But apparently Eos Wireless seems to think it is a bette
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