• AT&T Palm Centro: $99 with contract

    Speaking of HD DVD, Palm’s Centro just dropped today on AT&T. It’s a sexy white Centro with a rough touchpad that is still running Palm OS. We saw this bugger back at CES and both Doug and I wished Palm had released something a little more “modern.” Bonus: In this video we also learn that Dave Ciccone’s fingers are bigger than the standard fingers. AT&T… Read More

  • BGR gets an early AT&T Centro, then unboxes the hell out of it

    [photopress:ATTPalmCentro1.jpg,full,center] We like what we’ve seen of the Centro smartphones so far, and we know that a GSM flavor is coming to AT&T very soon, so soon in fact that the guys at BGR scored an early unit and have a sexy, sexy unboxing for your friday pleasure. Also: when will my spellcheck start recognizing “smartphone” and “unboxing” as… Read More

  • Palms shares jump on hot new "buy" rating by JPMorgan; Centro selling very well for Sprint

    [photopress:070928_Centro.jpg,full,center] I’ve been talking quite a bit about how much I love the Centro smartphones by Palm, and why I think it’s going to be a sleeper hit, and now someone finally agrees with me. That someone is JPMorgan, who upgraded Palm’s stock to “buy” on the strength of the Centro and it’s impending launch on AT&T sometime… Read More

  • Europe getting Centro on February 14

    [photopress:gallery1_sprint_black.jpg,full,center] Europe, Palm’s got a Valentine’s day gift for you. It’s a Centro! The GSM-flavored device will be available from unknown carriers on the 14. Specs are just like the Sprint version we have here, so it’ll be inexpensive and easy to use, as well as quite popular. Centro [Euro Palm] Read More

  • Sprint announces Unlimited Access Pack [Update]

    Are you a Sprint subscriber? Always going over your minutes or texting way too much? Yeah, I’ve been there, too. Starting today you can get the UAP for $119.99 a month and that includes unlimited: minutes, texts, Web, e-mail and picture mail. For the Centro owners, Sprint also announced an unlimited plan for $99. My bad, the Centro is being offered for $99 after rebate. [Update]: Sprint… Read More

  • Palm Centro getting closer to T-Mo, AT&T launch

    It’s almost been three months since Sprint released the Centro, which means their exclusivity on the Palm device is almost up. For those of you with AT&T or T-Mobile as a carrier, you better get ready. The Centro is coming, but we’re just not sure when. AT&T, T-Mobile Palm Centro Details Surface [Phone News] Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Palm Centro from Sprint

    on Sprint to try out. As it turns out, the Centro is far and away a better device than the Treo, and at $100, it is the absolute best first-timer smartphone that we can recommend. The Palm OS is still easy to use, there are literally thousands of apps out there that are easy to install, and the ones it comes with make up a great assortment of productivity and fun. But make no mistake, this is… Read More

  • Palm's millions lost due to stalled Windows Mobile smartphone?

    Last week, Palm announced Q3 earnings, and the news was a disappointing loss of millions. While that’s not necessarily news, Palm blamed the loss on a failure to launch a certain highly anticipated product. Palm wouldn’t, though, say what it was. We did a little digging, and two separate sources at Palm opted to stay mum when we asked if it was the rumored WinMo 6 Centro for… Read More

  • Experiencing shoddy battery life on your Palm Centro? [Update]

    Fret not, dear reader. Sprint assures us that the unusual battery drainage is not a hardware issue, but that of a software one centered around Sprint’s Mobile Email. Said software and e-mail synchronization go through a never-ending loop when your password is incorrect or the ISP’s e-mail server is unavailable. The OTA update is said to be released sometime this month. Has… Read More

  • Palm's Centro: First Impressions, Unboxing

    We don’t know why you love unboxings, but you do. Here we have the first Centro from Palm, running on Sprint’s Power Vision Super Extreme Mega network. For those of you who might not know, the Centro is Palm’s follow-up to the popular Treo line of smartphones. Features-wise, it’s pretty similar. The Centro takes the Treo’s aged form-factor up to a more modern level. Read More

  • Black Palm Centro on Sprint.com, red one coming soon

    Just a heads up that Palm’s new Centro phone is now available for purchase on Sprint’s website for $99 with a new contract, $399 without. The black version is the only one available for now, but the red version will be available on November 4th. Sprint.com via Brighthand Read More

  • Palm Centro groped on video

    If someone says something feels good in their hands one more time, I swear my head is going to explode. Here’s a decent video walk through of the Centro’s interface. I guess it’s not that exciting, which is probably why I skipped the unveiling at Digital Life. Maybe your mom will like it. Read More

  • Palm Announces Centro, World Rejoices

    Following months-and-months of hinting and speculation, Palm confirmed the existence and availability of the Centro. The new device is in a new candybar case, that features a fully functional QWERTZY keyboard and touchscreen. The Centro is powered by a 312MHz Intel XScale processor and it utilizes Palm OS 5.4.9 — not WinMo, which should make a lot of you happy. It will be available… Read More