• Looking Beyond 4G: U.K. Uni Secures £35M For 5G R&D Center, Backed By Huawei, Samsung, Telefonica

    Looking Beyond 4G: U.K. Uni Secures £35M For 5G R&D Center, Backed By Huawei, Samsung, Telefonica

    It’s no secret the U.K. has been a 4G laggard, with LTE only now finally starting to get off the ground — while the first big 4G deployment from a mobile operator won’t go live until October 30. But today a project has been green-lit by the government that’s aiming to ensure the country takes a pioneering role in developing the next generation of cellular technologies: 5G. Read More

  • Apple’s iPhone 5 Availability Expands: What It Means To Regional Carriers

    Apple’s iPhone 5 Availability Expands: What It Means To Regional Carriers

    Apple isn’t delaying bringing its latest iPhone to regional carriers this time around, with launches across the U.S. going out today, at a list of carriers that includes C Spire, Bluegrass Cellular, Appalachian Wireless, Alaska GCI, Cricket Wireless, Cellcom and nTelos Wireless. It’s a change from the way things used to work that’s significant for both the carriers and… Read More

  • G.S.M. encryption hacked

    Karsten Nohl, a PhD from the University of Virginia, looking dreamy above, has broken A5/1, an algorithm to encrypt G.S.M. cellphone conversation. The hack follows a few steps including the use of a distributed key-gathering sytem to capture and decoding of a number of G.S.M. 64-bit encryption keys, the kind of keys that most cellular operators still use. Read More

  • Citizen Engineer: GSM

    Citizen Engineer from citizen engineer on Vimeo. Friends of the Crunch Limor Fried and Phil Torrone are putting together open source DIY videos at CitizenEngineer.com. They’ll be talking about esoteric subjects like GSM, electronics, and circuit bending. Their first video, about SIM cards, includes plans for making your own SIM card reader. It’s an amazingly detailed video and… Read More

  • Former Australian WiMAX operator: "WiMAX may not work"

    The CEO of Buzz Broadband just shuttered his WiMAX network and, in a conference in Bangkok, called the technology worthless. He complains that out of line-of-sight with the antenna WiMAX degrades horribly, resulting in network failures. He is now using a number of standards including TD-CDMA to get about 10Mbps and will not be using WiMAX. Gulp! And we just bought a huge transmitter for the… Read More

  • CTIA/FCC could outlaw cellular repeaters AKA "jammers"

    Got a note this morning from a concerned reader who is watching some carrier noise. Apparently some of the bigs are talking to the FCC about having cellular repeaters classed as “jammers” because they might interfere and oscillate with regular cell tower signals. tia complained to fcc about repeaters, said they were essentially jammers asked for them to be banned.
    but repeater… Read More

  • Boston gets cellphone reception on T, thinks Yankees suck

    One of InSite’s cellular repeaters. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are now offering cellular reception in T tunnels in downtown Boston, ensuring that your once-quiet ride will be interrupted by the loud, nasal squawking of a died-in-the-wool Southie or the charming, JFK-esque inflection of a member of the New England gentry. A company called InSite installed and will maintain the… Read More

  • GPS vs. Cellular GPS: Head-To-Head at Laptop

    GPS units are cool toys. Don’t get me wrong, they’re serious devices for some people. I wish to god my cab drivers used them. But for the most part, they’re not essential: we’ve survived thousands of years without them, so it’s time to admit that they’re a convenience. Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Geographic Cell Messaging with SquareLoop

    This week, start up SquareLoop won 1st prize at CTIA for its geocasting technology beating out Lucent-Alcatel’s GMS. The company started out in 2005 when it received the rights to patented technologies from tech transfer organization, MITRE, that allow a message to be broadcast via an existing cell networks to users in a geographic area while also ensuring end-user privacy. Read More

  • Cellular e-Book Concept

    You know what? Screw you and your smartphone. You think you’re all worldly with your Web browsing and email, but you’re limited to that 3″ screen, tops. The new hotness comes from Polymer Vision and its new E-Ink cellbook. Using the flexible nature of electronic ink, the book opens from a size similar to a 5-year old cellphone to a UMPC-sized display, meaning you get real… Read More

  • Rollable Display Device at 3GSM

    Telecom Italia and Polymer Vision will demonstrate at 3GSM a rollable cellular device the pair recently agreed to manufacture together. Based on Polymer Vision’s Readius Concept, the device is mainly intended for reading newspapers, books and other data of similar ilk. Measuring under the size of the standard mobile, the device features a 5-inch display that rolls out. It project 16… Read More