HTML Mobile Gaming Site Cellufun Is Now Tylted, Eyes Up “Substantial” Facebook Play, Virtual Goods, Ads

Facebook is banking a lot on the future of HTML5 and the idea of people going web-first instead of native-apps for their mobile content fixes, and today mobile gaming company Cellufun taking one step

AOL Launches Mobile Portal Powered By Cellufun

AOL has launched a mobile phone gaming portal powered by Cellufun. The games are available via wap.aol.com and are provided on a free, ad supported basis, and no downloads are necessary. Advertising i

Want To Punch A Presidential Hopeful In The Face?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvPlflDl-ik&rel=1] Mobile entertainment site Cellufun has launched β€œThe Mobile Ring,” a free mobile phone boxing game that puts Presidential candidates

Mobile Game Goes Massively Multiplayer

Fighting a war in deep space is challenging enough without having a lot of competition. But sometimes a little – or in this case a lot – of competition can really make for a more engaging experien

MobilePet myPhone: Virtual Pets For the iPhone

Mobile gaming portal Cellufun has launched its newest game, “MobilePet myPhone”, a virtual pet game for the iPhone and other mobile phone users. MobilePet myPhone allows users to care for,