• HTML Mobile Gaming Site Cellufun Is Now Tylted, Eyes Up “Substantial” Facebook Play, Virtual Goods, Ads

    HTML Mobile Gaming Site Cellufun Is Now Tylted, Eyes Up “Substantial” Facebook Play, Virtual Goods, Ads

    Facebook is banking a lot on the future of HTML5 and the idea of people going web-first instead of native-apps for their mobile content fixes, and today mobile gaming company Cellufun taking one step in its strategy to position itself as a key player in that space, too: it’s announcing that it is rebranding itself as Tylted. Tylted — a name chosen from 30,000 entries in a… Read More

  • AOL Launches Mobile Portal Powered By Cellufun

    AOL has launched a mobile phone gaming portal powered by Cellufun. The games are available via wap.aol.com and are provided on a free, ad supported basis, and no downloads are necessary. Advertising inventory will be sold by AOL’s Platform-A’s Third Screen media. AOL will offer games including Cellufun’s Call of the Pharoah, a game that relies on a social networking… Read More

  • Want To Punch A Presidential Hopeful In The Face?

    Mobile entertainment site Cellufun has launched “The Mobile Ring,” a free mobile phone boxing game that puts Presidential candidates in the ring. The idea isn’t completely new; boxing games featuring presidential candidates first surfaced in 2004, but the new game claims to take the genre to the next level by weighing the chance of success of each contender based on… Read More

  • Mobile Game Goes Massively Multiplayer

    Fighting a war in deep space is challenging enough without having a lot of competition. But sometimes a little – or in this case a lot – of competition can really make for a more engaging experience. That’s the hope with Space Wars, a new ad-supported massively multiplayer mobile game from Cellufun. This free mobile Internet game lets players battle for control of the galaxy… Read More

  • MobilePet myPhone: Virtual Pets For the iPhone

    Mobile gaming portal Cellufun has launched its newest game, “MobilePet myPhone”, a virtual pet game for the iPhone and other mobile phone users. MobilePet myPhone allows users to care for, play with and feed a virtual pet. Users must keep the virtual pet from getting sick, from feeling neglected and must “avoid visits to the virtual computer store for repair”. Read More