• Howard Stern chooses the BlackBerry Bold over the Palm Pre (for now)

    Oh my God, call the president! Howard Stern, who was given a private, sneak peak of the Palm Pre, has instead decided to go with the BlackBerry Bold. (As if the man can only afford one phone, or won’t decide to buy a Pre when it comes out, whenever that is.) He broke the news today. Read More

  • LG, YouTube to Make a Crazy Cellphone Together

    LG and YouTube have JOINED FORCES to bring to a wanting world a cellphone that works natively with the video-sharing Web site. To be unveiled in the second half of the year in Europe (maybe something is blocking the phone’s release here in America?), the phone will let users record, upload and view videos right from the handset. You know, it’s bad enough sitting at home and… Read More