• State Department Builds A Panic Button App

    Imagine you are a pro-democracy protester on the streets of a repressive government. You’ve got your cellphone and you are messaging your friends. In the crowd near you, the police start making arrests. Fearing the government will confiscate your phone and investigate your contacts, you push a “panic button” on your phone. It deletes the contacts in your address book… Read More

  • NEC Medias: World's Slimmest Smartphone Tops Japanese Cell Phone Sales Charts

    The NEC Medias is not only “the world’s slimmest smartphone”, it’s also selling really well. The handset, which we have shown you last month, was the best-selling cell phone in Japan between March 14 and March 20, according to market research firm Gfk Japan [JP]. Read More

  • Shock Study: Women Spend More Time Talking And Texting

    Wireless provider Mobistar recently announced the results of their survey which sought out cell phone usage by gender. If stereotypes are to be believed, then the results are hardly shocking. The survey found that women spend more time on the phone, and send more text messages than men. However, the study also found that women are less keen on smartphones. Read More

  • NEC Medias: Docomo To Offer The World's Thinnest Smartphone In 3 Weeks (Update: Video)

    On Monday, we’ve just shown you some leaked pictures, but we can now confirm the world’s thinnest smartphone, NEC Casio Mobile’s MEDIAS N-04C, is real. And provider NTT Docomo, Japan’s biggest mobile carrier, doesn’t want to lose time in bringing it to market: it will hit stores over here as early as March 15. Read More

  • First Pics Of The World's Thinnest Smartphone, The NEC Medias, Leak

    NEC is apparently to unveil the “world’s thinnest smartphone” (7.7mm) on Thursday, if a “leak” covered on a Japanese blog today is to be believed. That leak, reported today by Akihabara News, is actually a few days old (see this Japanese blog post, for example). Read More

  • Hitachi To Offer Super-Advanced Smartphone LCD Display

    Hitachi subsidiary Hitachi Displays yesterday announced [JP] that it has developed a new LCD display for smartphones whose quality reaches the “limit of what is discernible to the human eye”. And a look at the spec sheet reveals that big H is indeed prepping quite a display. Read More

  • Via NFC: Japanese Social Network Mixi First To Let Users "Share" Real-World Items

    Japan has always been the land of mobile. As such, it’s no big surprise that the country’s biggest social network, Mixi (JP, 23 million members), sees 25 of its 29 billion monthly page views coming from cell phones. And according to Mixi, it’s now the first social network that lets users share information with friends through NFC technology on Android handsets. Read More

  • Sharp Baccarat SH-09C: Japan's Newest "Luxury" Handset

    Japan’s three big mobile carriers are offering more than 100 handsets per year, and some of them are quite unique. The latest limited edition is the Sharp SH-09C [JP], a handset developed in cooperation with French luxury crystal glass maker Baccarat and distributed by mobile carrier NTT Docomo. Read More

  • Cell Phone With Integrated Projector To Go On Sale In Japan

    Way back in October 2008, we reported about a cell phone that featured a built-in mini projector. The cell phone was showcased by Japan’s biggest mobile carrier, NTT Docomo, as a prototype. But today, the same carrier announced [JP] that such a spectacular handset will finally go on sale in Japan this Friday. Read More

  • Rumour: HTC Thunderbolt to hit Best Buy Feb 14th

    What you’re looking at above is a screenshot from a Best Buy inventory. Pretty amazing, eh? But why am I showing it to you? There seems to be nothing juicy about it. Y’see, it’s not all that it appears to be, my friend… Pulling off some serous sleuthing, Android Central forum member, paulmike3, noticed that the number seen up the top left of the image (highlighted as… Read More

  • T-mobile's Galaxy S 4G page up 'n' running

    Last week we told you that T-mobile had announced their 4G variant of the near-ubiquitous Galaxy S. Well, for anyone that’s itching for this high-speed variant, I’m happy to tell you that today, T-mobile’s info page for the handset has gone live. There isn’t any new info given, but there is an option to sign up for notifications about the device. For those that… Read More

  • Leaked! Blackberry Curve Touch

    A sure sign that things a changin’ over at RIM HQ, the keyboard-less Curve Touch — codenamed “Malibu” — has today leaked out into the wilds of the web, courtesy of CrackBerry.com. This comes just a week after we spied a keyboard totin’ next-gen Curve, known internally as the “Sedona”, so those die-hard keyboard fans need not fret: mid-range… Read More

  • HTC Merge/Lexicon appears with Alltell branding

    We’ve not heard a peep from the HTC Merge (formally Lexicon) in some time now, and it was notably absent from CES this year, causing a few people to think that it might have been axed. However, a new image of the device infers that maybe the device isn’t destined to fade away, but, rather, make an appaerance on regional carrier Alltell. Read More

  • Report says that Sony Ericsson has Windows Phone 7 devices "in the pipeline"

    A report from Digitimes today has stated that Sony Ericsson have Windows Phone 7 devices “in the pipeline.” Sony Ericsson have previously said that Windows Phone 7 has “remained on their roadmap”, but, to date, we’ve seen nothing of any WinPho devices from ol’ ess eee. However, with Sony Ericsson’s market share continuing to decrease, it seems that… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 leaks out in detail

    Sony Ericsson’s Symbian-powered Vivaz looks to be getting an update, with a leak outlining an Android-powered successor. Mobile Review have a very detailed overview of the phone — also known as the MT15i or Halon — including more pics than you can shake a megapixel at. The skinny of it all, though, is the juicy, juicy specs, which I’ve compiled for you after the break. Read More

  • T-mobile Samsung Vibrant Froyo update begins today, T-mobile commits to 3-5 month Android update turn-around

    There’s nothing quite like an Android update to make your day just that much better, so you T-mobile Vibrant (aka Samsung Galaxy S) owners out there are set for a great weekend, as today — January 21 — marks the day that Froyo begins to make its way onto Vibrant handsets. Read More

  • Japan To Get Disney-Themed Android Phone

    Disney may have pulled the plug on their cell phone business in the US in 2007, but in Japan (where the company’s characters have a huge fan base), its MVNO is apparently doing pretty well. And now it comes to light [JP] that next month, Disney enthusiasts living in that country will be able to lay their hands on a special Android phone. Read More

  • N-03C: Casio's Newest Rugged Cell Phone Goes On Sale In Japan

    Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo just started selling the N-03C [JP], a new cell phone that’s both shock- and waterproof. The device meets the drop-test standard “MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6-Shock” established by the U.S. Department of Defense. Read More

  • California Can Now Search Arrestee's Mobile Phones Without A Warrant

    Good news: the state of California can now seize and search your cellphone without a warrant. The new regime will only affect people who have already been arrested, so it’s not as if police officers will be able to search your cellphone at routine traffic stops. But still: yeah, it’s sorta lame. In 2011, even more of your rights will be chipped away. Read More

  • Japanese Government Wants Apple To Add Content Filter To The iPhone

    Apple has a history of trouble with the government in Japan, and over the the last days, more bad news reached the company (which is highly successful in Japan). This time it’s not about iPods causing fire but about the iPhone. The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications criticized Apple Japan and its exclusive provider in the country, SoftBank Mobile, for offering… Read More