cellphone jammers

  • Cellphone jammers come under scrutiny in Canada

    We can jokingly say things like “buy a cellphone jammer to silence those annoying people on the bus” but that would be irresponsible. Quite irresponsible, it turns out, as criminals are now using such devices to impede law enforcement efforts. It happened last month in Canada. Two Mounties had pulled over a car, and as they approached to car their radios went out. It turns out that… Read More

  • Peace and quiet: UK train operator to block cellphone calls

    A commuter rail company in the UK will install cellphone signal-blocking film on train windows in order to keep the peace. The film, which was developed in America, prevents cellphone signal from entering (and leaving) the train. With no signal getting through, people won’t be able to talk, loudly or otherwise, on their cellphones. While some people may be all, “this infringes on… Read More