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  • Crunch Report | Go-Jek Buys Three Startups

    Go-Jek buys three startups, the California Department of Public Health warns against being on your phone for too long and AOL Instant Messenger is officially dead. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • You can text SFMOMA and it will respond with art on demand

    You can text SFMOMA and it will respond with art on demand

    Here’s a cool trick for art fans. You can text San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art at 572-51 and it will respond with a piece of art from its collection. Send Me SFMOMA lets you send a keyword and get back a piece of art that matches that word. You can send colors, subjects, moods and even emojis. The service is powered by SFMOMA’s Collection API, which has data on all of… Read More

  • Even Microsoft’s own presenters have given up on Windows Phone

    Even Microsoft’s own presenters have given up on Windows Phone

    Sitting through all the keynotes at Microsoft’s Build, there’s one giant gaping hole in the coverage: Windows Phone was barely mentioned. In fact, it seems like the keynote speakers were actively avoiding the platform in most of the sessions, showing that Microsoft have basically thrown in the towel altogether. Read More

  • State Department Builds A Panic Button App

    Imagine you are a pro-democracy protester on the streets of a repressive government. You’ve got your cellphone and you are messaging your friends. In the crowd near you, the police start making arrests. Fearing the government will confiscate your phone and investigate your contacts, you push a “panic button” on your phone. It deletes the contacts in your address book… Read More

  • New technology heats up cell phones when callers get agitated

    I can’t think of too many use cases for this, but they did it: A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo (Japan’s MIT if you will) has developed a technology that makes it possible to “physically” convey emotions from cell phone to cell phone. The key elements of the technology are a sensor and a Peltier device that’s attached to the back of the phones. Read More

  • New NEC chip helps make cell phone displays viewable outdoors, saves power

    If you’ve ever got upset about not being able to view what your cell phone screen displays while you are outside your house, NEC’s new color-compensation chip is probably good news for you. The chip, which is specifically made for LCDs for mobile phones, helps to make them easier to view in bright outdoor settings. Read More

  • Sharp to bring solar-powered cell phone to China (and possibly elsewhere, too)

    Sharp, the biggest (in terms of market share) of all eight major Japanese cell phone makers, has been talking about internationalizing its phone business for quite some time now. It makes sense, as the domestic market is shrinking and as Sharp only sold 20% of all their cell phones outside Japan (1.6 million units) last fiscal. Read More

  • SoftBank's complete 17 cell phone winter line-up (photo gallery)

    KDDI did it as early as last month, and today it was NTT Docomo’s and SoftBank’s turn to unveil their line-ups of new cell phones for the Japanese market. Here are all of SoftBank’s 17 future models [JP], which will be sold in Japan from this fall through spring 2010. Read More

  • Street Fighter IV Real Voice is the coolest cell phone strap ever (video)

    I’ve seen countless straps in my many years in cell phone-crazy Japan, but this one beats them all. The so-called “Street Fighter IV Real Voice” is essentially a mini joystick that plays the voice samples that follow a number of special moves in the game. All sounds from the major attacks Chun Li, Ken, Ryu and Dhalsim can pull off are there – provided you’re… Read More

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