• Japanese Telco KDDI Buys Content Delivery Network CDNetworks For $167 Million

    Japanese Telco KDDI Buys Content Delivery Network CDNetworks For $167 Million

    Quite big news from Asia’s web world today: Japanese telecommunications giant KDDI (US$40 billion revenue) announced [JP] it will buy an 85.5% stake in CDNetworks, the Korea-based content delivery network, for US$167 million. KDDI says the plan is to turn the CDNetworks HQ in Seoul into a subsidiary and to expand its global business (CDNetworks also has offices in the US, China, Europe… Read More

  • Here's Some PR For You, CDNetworks

    If you want to sell something to TechCrunch, or anyone, the best way of going about it isn’t to call people at their home number, accuse them of dishonesty, and then follow up with an email requesting a clearly unethical trading of services. All those things happened to me in the last five minutes. An account executive from CDNetworks called on my home phone to discuss our content… Read More

  • Nirvanix and CDNetworks Combine Forces

    Nirvanix, an Amazon S3 competitor that launched last Fall, has partnered with CDNetworks, a content delivery network that competes with the likes of Akamai and Limelight. The partnership makes Nirvanix’s cloud storage service available to all of CDNetworks’ customers, who will be able to store an unlimited amount of data on Nirvanix’s servers and then push this data out to any… Read More