Intel says Qualcomm’s business practices drove it out of the modem chip market

It’s not like this wasn’t among the reasons everywhere suspected when Apple suddenly announced it was buying Intel’s modem business, but now the chipmaker has filed a brief in suppor

Nokia unveils its new slate of Android smartphones starting at $85

Nokia — in its newest iteration as a licensed brand of HMD — is a long way off from its glory days, the years when it not only set the pace for innovation in the mobile phone market, but a

Nokia 8110’s slider ‘Matrix’ feature phone returns with 4G and a €79 price tag

Nokia’s 8110 — the distinctive ‘candy bar’ feature phone with a slider opening — was once the phone that everyone wanted but no one could afford, made popular through the

Nokia Pushes Its Emerging Market, Low-Cost Strategy With The 800C, China’s First CDMA Windows Phone

A big step today for both Nokia and Microsoft in their bid to be at the center of the huge smartphone growth currently underway in China and other emerging markets: Nokia today paired up with China Te

Source: The iPhone 5 Will Indeed Be A Dual-Mode CDMA / GSM ‘World Phone’

The upcoming iPhone 5 will almost certainly be a single phone that supports multiple networks, namely <a href="">CDMA</a> (such as the one used by Verizon or Sprint in

Apple Will Take A Pass On 4G Networks For The iPhone In 2011— Sorry Verizon and AT&T

<img src=""/> Back in August I broke the news that Apple was lining up a component purchase of several million chipsets from Qualcomm fo

Sprint applies pressure, but still bled quite a bit in fourth quarter

<img src="" /> Over the past few years, Sprint has definitely given itself a facelift and now has excellent pricing plans

HTC Hero coming to Sprint

Phandroid just found a mention on the Sprint Android Dev Network for the HTC Hero, everyone’s favorite Android phone. Don’t get that excited just yet. The phone won’t be officially o

China licensing Western 3G standards

<img src="" /> Because of numerous delays, China has had trouble rolling out 3G on its TD-SCDMA cellular standard. Now <a href="http

Latest iPhone rumor: EVDO/CDMA model coming in 2009

Apple’s quest for total handheld domination is limited by AT&T and so swirling rumors about a CDMA iPhone has to have some truth to them. It isn’t like Apple to be tied down to one dis

MetroPCS will allow the activation of other carriers’ phones on its service

MetroPCS Communications Inc, a Dallas-based wireless carrier, is allowing customers to bring phones from other carriers to its network. Supposedly this is one of the largest carriers to do such a thin

Review: Samsung Glyde

I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this particular phone to reach the US. I was completely enamored with it, the F700, when I first saw the press release more than a yea

CDMA BlackBerry Curve emerges

I realize not everyone is into BlackBerries, but for those with Verizon or Sprint, you may be interested in the recent emergence of the CDMA Curve. There are no specific details other than these photo

The Orientation: The differences between GSM and CDMA

It’s come to my attention that not everyone understands the subtle yet significant differences between GSM and CDMA. We’ve received random e-mails from folks asking how they can get XY pho

Verizon positioning another CDMA/GSM gender bender

Phone Scoop has it that Verizon is loading up another CDMA/GSM hybrid phone. The RIZR-esque Motorola has a CDMA radio for domestic, Verizon Wireless yakking, and an unlocked GSM side for international

Told you so: CDMA version of F700 hitting Verizon

Told you so, again. The SCH-U940 is the F700’s CDMA clone, but downgrades the 3-megapixel camera to two. Samsung U940 is the Verizon’s variant of the F700 [Phone Arena]

LG Voyager data sheet leaked

Verizon is really gearing up for what it thinks is the CDMA version of the iPhone – the LG Voyager. Although the device really isn’t much of an iPhone, it’s still very feature-rich w

Verizon release dates ahoy! BlackBerry 8130 on Nov. 1

Interested in knowing when the light blue LG Chocolate comes on Verizon Wireless? What about the BlackBerry Pearl 8130? Then take a look at this Joint Photographic Experts Group image, which lists the

Beware: The Verizon Voyager will apparently kill the iPhone

The Voyager is so awesome, your hand will tremble in fear Oh you heard right my friends. You better watch the hell out come this Autumn, ’cause Verizon has a phone coming out that is going to sh

Berg Insight Sees Future of Mobile Maps

Berg Insight, a company that provides analytical services and business intelligence to the telecom industry, predicts growth in mobile navigation services. These services are to be driven by GPS-techn
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