The Future Solidifies: OS X Lion Really Will Maul The CD (And All Other Discs)

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Sony Japan busts out cassette(!)/radio/CD-player combo

<img src="" /> It's not a joke: Today, Sony in Japan <em>did</em> <a href="">a

Panasonic's new "Stereo D-Dock" is slim, supports iPhones and iPods

<img src="" /> Panasonic in Japan has <a href="

Thou shalt not look: Activision slaps a Cease & Desist on MW2 aimbot hack

Hope you peeped that youtube video when we told you about it earlier, because Activition has fired off a cease and desist order on the video of the aimbot and wallhack being used. They claim it’

Blu-spec CD: Sony's new CD boasts high quality, is based upon Blu-ray technology

Sony Music Entertainment Japan has used Blu-ray technology to develop an audio CD with higher sound quality, the Blu-spec CD [JP, PDF] . Sony says the Blu-spec CD (what a name) complies with the stand

Canon C&D's

In the grand tradition of Apple and Motorola, Canon is now asking that, a site dedicated to little but Canon rumors, stop using the domain name and the Canon logo. These things never e

Optical formats; oh how I love thee

There was a time when the CD was the saving grace of the computer and media world. No longer would it take 22 floppy disks to install Windows 95. Oh no, just one magical disk. But as everything digita

Japanese company develops new kind of audio CD ("HQCD")

Memory Tech, an optical disc maker from Japan, will start to produce a new kind of audio CD from August. The news discs are supposedly able to deliver higher sound quality than existing CDs. According

Japanese researchers develop a 42GB super DVD

A research team from the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials of prestigious Tohoku University in Northern Japan announced [JP, PDF] it has found a way to multiply the amount

Sony announces two new Xplod in-dash CD receivers

If I owned a car anymore I’d probably take one of Sony’s two new Xplod decks for a ride in my whip. Both the GT920U and GT620U feature support for USB flash media and pump out 52Wx4 output. The 92

Iron Man mobile, now with more C&D action

Hands-on Mobile has released Iron Man: The C&D. Only instead of Tony Stark you play a slightly overweight lawyer who represents Marvel Comics. You always wanted to write real fiction but your moth

G.I. Joe C&D: Oh no, this is real

It’s sad, but true. Those leaked pictures of the cast of the G.I. Joe live action are real and the movie looks like it’s going to make us all cry. Who died and made Dennis Quaid Hawk? Hell


Breaking! Bands and Artists in the recording industry are trying to make money! Apparently, it took days for people to realize that Radiohead’s In Rainbows digital download was a marketing tacti

A History Of The Compact Disc

SiliconUser has a great piece on the history of the Compact Disc. The most popular music medium to date, the CD actually has quite a complex history that makes for a great read. Turns out the idea for

Disc Eraser Video Review

I just got the Disc Eraser in the mail and took a second out of my lunch to give it a quick, right-out-of-the-box review. Looks like it does its job pretty well. It cuts right through optical media li

Cambridge Soundworks Radio CD 745i w/ iPod Support

Love your iPod but don’t want to invest in a dock because you’re still into FM radio and CDs? You might just want to peep the Radio CD 745i from Cambridge Soundworks. Equipped with a borin

Bose Media System Pimps Out That Dashboard Of Yours

If I asked you what company will have it’s in-dash navigation/media system in a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, you would probably say Alpine, right? Nope! Bose is making a huge dent on the market with

CD Punch Destroys Your CDs And DVDs With Ease

I’m sure one time or another you accidently burned Wedding Crashers to a DVD-R so you could watch it over your friend’s house. What you didn’t know is that the MPAA was tracking you

Numark x2 Hybrid Turntable Brings DJ Equality

<img class="right" src=", which greatly reduces the quantity of gear you have to lug around. But it's more than just a conve

Elecom SCR-CD0001 Disc Destroyer

So you’ve just burned some top secret information to a CD, but evil ninjas are on your tail. They are, of course, bent on stealing said top secret information to use for all sorts of diabolical
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