• Better LCD TVs? New CCFL backlights to compete with LEDs

    Japan’s Sanken Electric has developed a new type of cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlight for LCD TVs that’s as power-efficient as LED backlights but is supposedly up to 60% cheaper to mass-produce. Approximately 90% of all LCD TVs currently on the market have CCFL backlights. A 32-inch LCD TV usually requires six CCFL tubes, but Sanken says their new lamps are so… Read More

  • Omron develops "green" backlights for LCD TVs

    Sony’s 32-inch KDL-32JE1, the world’s most energy efficient LCD, still has potential Omron has developed a backlight for LCDs that reduces the amount of power conventional backlights, mostly cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL), need by 33% to just 39W. Existing 32-inch LCD TVs are using about 10 CCFLs. Omron says it has found out that these lamps achieve maximum performance… Read More