• China: HD-DVD's Alamo

    While the format war is definitely settled here in the West, it appears that is not the case in China. The CBHD format is the dominant HD disc over there, and although it’s its own thing, it has more in common with HD-DVD than Blu-ray. Of course, the biggest market over there is probably still VCDs, but I think this little fact is pretty entertaining. Read More

  • Optical formats; oh how I love thee

    There was a time when the CD was the saving grace of the computer and media world. No longer would it take 22 floppy disks to install Windows 95. Oh no, just one magical disk. But as everything digital, things change overtime, and so optical formats are now loathe as the bastard child you wouldn’t dare get rid of, but can’t stand the sight of him nor his loser friends. Read More