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VCs love to talk about AI, but they aren’t writing as many checks as you might think

With AI hype peaking, it would seem that investment in AI startups would be correspondingly high, but surprisingly, it's way down.

Revolut’s valuation troubles signal a stormy horizon for less-profitable neobanks

Revolut's situation seems like awful news for other neobanks. How much more room do less profitable neobanks have to fall?

Early-stage fintech startups just got a new funding source

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There was just one fintech unicorn minted in the first quarter

Global fintech funding totaled $15 billion in the first quarter of this year, growing 55% from the fourth quarter, according to CB Insights’ latest State of Fintech report.  While this generally ma

The venture market may be correcting more than we think to pre-COVID times

Ever since the tech downturn began affecting startups, a question kept coming up: What if we are witnessing a correction?

Dry powder versus wet powder: The numbers have spoken

Data from Carta seems to confirm that VC funds are opting to support portfolio companies over making new investments: The frequency of bridge rounds boomed during the last quarter of 2022.

Fintech in 2022: A story of falling funding, fewer unicorns and insurtech M&A

If you thought the fourth quarter of 2022 felt slow when it came to investment activity in the fintech space, that’s because it was. In fact, the three-month period marked the lowest quarter for U.S

Putting numbers on the global venture slowdown

Total venture funding in 2022 amounted to $415.1 billion, 35% less than in 2021.

Welcome to the late-stage discount market, where everything is on sale and few folks are buying

Let's examine the pain that late-stage startups are dealing with today, and what it could mean for unicorns jammed between changing venture preferences and a seemingly closed IPO market.

Top climate tech deals net nearly $4B in Q3, outpacing other industries

Top climate tech investments continued to diversify, showing just how deeply it’s becoming embedded into the economy.

Fintech fundraising has reverted to the mean

Fintech fundraising has fallen along with the rest of the venture activity. But the portion of VC activity that fintech can lay claim to is also in decline.

You can now get startup shares on the cheap

Which is more reflective of the market today: H1 2022 numbers compared to their year-ago comps or the high-impact repricings seen by Instacart, Klarna and others?

Latin America’s slowing VC market hides local strength

To really understand what’s going on with Latin American venture capital funding, we have to go deeper than the regional perspective can afford us.

Did no one tell Europe the party is over?

Did no one tell European venture capitalists and startup founders that we’re supposed to be on the cusp of a global recession?

Africa’s startup market is bucking the global slowdown

Data indicates that Africa is not only posting year-over-year gains in venture capital fundraising, it could also be on track for a record year.

Venture capital slowed in Q2 (but it’s evolving)

As expected, global venture totals fell last quarter. According to CB Insights data, some $108.5 billion was raised by startups across 7,651 deals in Q2.

When did the startup boom peak?

Both startup and venture capital reached an activity zenith at some point in the last few quarters -- but when?

It’s correction time for Latin American VC activity

Let’s dig into the early Q2 data on venture capital investment into LatAm startups, and then discuss the halo effect — or lack thereof — of Latin American giants like Nubank.

For mental health startups, happiness is in niches

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Corporate venture investors pulled back in Q1 but less than you imagined

Looking at the changing pace of CVC activity, geographic trends and more.
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