Cava IPO

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There's a discussion in tech that the idea that software companies will grow and become increasingly profitable over time is at least partially incorrect.

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Cava’s explosive IPO hints that public markets are more ready for growth-stories than founders thought

Cava shares opened today at $42 per share and are currently trading at $42.33, up more than 92% from the company's IPO price.

Cava boosts its IPO price range, highlighting appetite for growth stories

Given Cava's new IPO pricing, can we spy any good news for unicorns looking to go public as soon as they can gin up the courage?

Cava’s sensible IPO ambitions could spur more companies to go public

Cava's multi-billion-dollar IPO valuation could be the kick in the pants that companies need to start going public again.

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Cava’s listing won’t bring back IPOs, but it could deliver welcome investor liquidity

Cava's IPO filing has a host of details about exactly why this was a great time for the restaurant chain to go public.