Sakadachi Nyachi: Sega's New Robot Cat

<img src="" /> In 2006, Sega Toys in Japan started selling a whole series of robotic animals: <a href="

Cat Hammock coffee table: why, you ask? Why not?

<img src="" />The truth is that cats will make themselves comfortable anywhere. On a bed of coals, or atop Mount Doom, or hurtling through spa

The worst website ever: Beautiful & Sweet Cat Pictures

So you’re all like “Hay! I need cat pictures” and someone posts a spam comment on your blog offering a website full of beautiful and sweet cat pictures and you’re like “H

Google Maps Lets You Peep Into Homes

Over at BoingBoing, a concerned reader wrote it to let them know what Google Maps is spying into his living room. Recall that Street View feature I talked about earlier today? Great service, but it tu

Cat Genie Makes Pooping AutoMagic

I have cats. Two of ‘um. I once got one of those LitterMaid things, but after a few days, I realized it was a lot more complicated than just changing the litter box manually. Sure it’s a g